Ugochukwu Nnamdi

Biography: God Of Song;Priest Of Art

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Ugochukwu Nnamdi
Tuesday 24 October 2023

ADAM IN EVE(The Requiem)

Fallen Adam seeks grace in sobriety 

Singing requiems to his nude new

With notes of blind fig fronds and a pelt

To his rib-turned Eve in opposites.

Eve in self disdain will dance no more

To this naked sultry tune and song,

With weary feet they'll sit on stools

Of broken enthralldom and dead spells 

Reminiscing their sinful choreography

And how much dust they could be.

Already drowned in a sea of filth,

They will head for paradise again

So she'll wait like deadened Sarah

For when the spirit of dance returns.


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