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Friday 22 March 2024

Dancing With The Dancing Dance


The dance with the dancing


The inner machinations

of The Cabal ministry

Everything and everybody

danced with the dancing lords.

It’s time to make it rain

30 billion dollars

The lordliest beings

on the show-

The omnipotent Abingos

and the omniscient Amingos.

Legendary pop icon

Kiniki kiniko

Dancing and signing

“Take my life

and let it be

My feet on the Rocky

hill for aeons”

And every dancing thing

dance with the dancing


Bokonic beggers

turned killing lords

killing and dancing

in the Sambisa Forest.

Agbada made of diamond

Dollars in the overhead tank

Mr money bags and the fat cat

Incels and old cargos

Infant maff and

cabalic god fathers

With sophisticated


Everybody and everything

danced the dance.

The most ladily of


dancing Binanabal

Jubilated and danced –

"I’m the first governess."

Our best teachers:

Dem know how to take

it by force.

Haramic wanderers –

The hensmen

are dancing and laying

evil eggs

on the greenfield land.

Bigmanism and Kabbalism

Danced with


on the island

of who-and-who:

The most cabalic


Politrickal legends

On the show-

Oil wells in the kitchen

Pumbing and dancing

the big man dance with

dancing ladies.

“Money miss road”

Money miss her way

Crash-landed in Atlantic


Swimming with money virus:

The young Alhaji 

Overnight billionaires

And the money making


All celebrating

With money-eating cobra.

Banditic lords

Kidnapped our homeland

Took the oil as


Dancing and making

life unliveable.

Laborious dancers

like rich rats in the


Dancing and labouring

like an elephant

Dancing and eating

like an ant.

Dancing gold

on the dance floor:

Arab money and baby madda

Hard man and maama man,

Rocked and rolled

on the carpet of banknotes-

Rolling and rocking

on Osa Rocky hill.

Fruitful west

Basket of onions

of The sahara

Dancing in a Dubai


flying in a private jet.

Dancing and flying

Landing and dancing

on the platform:

The Great Corruption.

Kiniki kiniko

the dancing master

And his ball-playing

play boys

Together with J T boys-

Jagala trained knachers

Are dancing and eating

Abasa with 'Indian apples'

on the Osa Rockyhill village. 




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