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Biography: A prolific writer and database administrator.

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Bayo Akinnola
Tuesday 2 October 2018


What song can a butterfly sing for us again?
We've heard songs of birds,
The croaks of crickets,
We've listened to the unuendoes of the passing breeze,
We've heard rumbles wake us up in the morn'
Sounds of trumpet along the route of our intestines 
Hunger of last night and the blinking of the iris 
So; what song has ears not heard?

Which happenstance have we not court?
We've seen jubilee and mourning;
In the four corners
Sometimes they form a triangle 
With us entangled within their lilac lines
We've witnessed our world intertwined, 
Just like climbers on a twig-tree.

We've dreamt and hope
We've read from the pages of life, paint pictures of the comings:
Rain, sunlight, winds and humidity 
And the accessories we crave for;
On this side of the planet earth. 

Tell me what have we not lost?
Gems; rubbies; name it 
And all those mix of circumstances  
So; may we ask for your permission
To wake us up 
When dreams come true?

What prayer haven't we offered? 
We've placed libation on the labyrinth;
We've prayed for meat on the table,
With cups full of rum and soda
Looking through the window
Seeing Naija sun rising;
And we sing to the butterfly in our tummies.


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