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Sunday 2 January 2022

To The Woman I Fell In Love With

 I've heard tales upon tales;

Tales of how a woman mars a man

And makes him fall to the ground

I've seen many things; 

Many, many, things...

I've seen two lovers, 

Who fought to be together,

Fight to be separated forever 

As a young man that I was

Marriage was a dangerous place to thread:

A drama filled with suspense

Not knowing what lies ahead...


It was you!

You're the one behind everything

And where I am now! 


It was you!

It was you

Who made me knew what love is!

I saw it in your eyes

And felt it in your acts

You've made me stand tall

Above my peers,

You're the one who sees my tears

And wipes away my fears 


You've helped me beyond measure

And strengthen me when I'm down,

You've touched my noble soul,

And in you, I found a friend


The one who brightens my mood

And makes me feel good,

The one whose wisdom,

Cascades like a waterfall

And whose words are sweet as honey


You're beautiful in every way,

You're a woman worthy of my praise! 

Who will not be proud

To be called your husband?

Who will not be proud,

To have you as a wife?

A woman, a billion men will wish to have!

You belong to the specie of women

Not easily found,

The one called the vitreous woman

In God's Holy book


You've made the scriptures come alive!

Blessed be the God of Heaven and Earth

Years have passed

And we've come a long way through,

But I ask myself:

Who am I, to deserve your unwaivering love?

Who am I, to deserve your touching sacrifices?


I'm short of words...

I'm forever grateful to you, 

And to God, for helping me find you,

Aduke, you're my gem!


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