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Tuesday 18 October 2022

Letter To A Young Man

Soon, your hand will wear the ring

And the next chapter of your life begins...

You remind me of my wedding:

The day I said "I do"

But with grey hairs

And a sad heart 

This is what I have to say:

Marry a woman who stays

When the hard times comes 

A woman who can hold your hand

And say, for better or worst 

I'll always be your fan...

When life brings you cold

And set backs and disappointed hits you hard

You need a woman to keep you warm,

A woman to give you strength 

To carry on

Marry a woman with humility

To say I'm sorry

A woman whose words

Can heal your wound

And not make it worst...

When life loses it's meaning

And becomes boring and sad

You need a woman

To give life a meaning,

And bring you happiness and smile

The strength of a gadget 

Does not lie in the beauty of it's casing

But in the degree of it's capacity

So also,

The functionality of a woman

Does not lie in the beauty of her body

But in the fibre of her character 

Marry a woman 

Built with resilience,

A woman who won't break

When the storm blows, 

But can bend like a tree

To adjust and strategize,

Rebounding with strength

To make your dream come alive

Marry a woman 

With whom you can build a home,

So, when work closes at dusk

You're eager to go home,

Cos there's no place like home

Marry a woman 

That draws you closer to God...

When the future looks gloomy

And without a silver lining

When your reality is shattered

And you don't know what to do,

You need a woman 

Who can hear from Heaven,

To speak the mind of God

Marry a woman who accepts you

Someone who respects you,

A woman who gives you peace of mind!

Marriage at best is very brief...

Marry a woman 

Who makes matrimony so beautiful

That you never want death 

To put it apart! 

The height of your success 


The depth of your downfall,

Depends on the woman you marry


Benedict Omenogor
Thursday 7 April 2022

The Girl I Called My Boo

In the dairy of her heart

My name found a place, 

In the pages of her attention

I found her affection

Sugar, Boo, Darling and Bestie,

I was the best thing 

That happened to her! 

She's my air and my treasure

My smile and my flavour 

She's my gem and my pride

My potpourri and my shine 

If this is not love

Then tell me what it is...

Suddenly, I fell, 

I fell like a star from space

And I lost my place,

My world collapsed 

And everything changed

Someone told me I'm stinking

Someone told me I'm expired

Someone told me I'm substandard...


It was the girl I called my Boo!

I suddenly became a dung

In the eyes of someone dear to me

I was no longer her spec 

And was below her class

And now, 

She sings her love song 

With tears streaming down her eyes

She goes on her knees 

And pleads from her soul 


Her love has returned from exile,

In search of the rejected one

But, why did It return now

That I've regained my throne?

Why did It return now

That I'm back on my feet? 

Why now? 

When I needed her the most 

She left me,

When I pleaded with her 

She mocked me 

In my pain and shame

I found someone...

I found someone,

Who was eyes to me,

When I couldn't see 


Who accepted me for who I was


Who believed in me

When I never believed in myself,

I found someone 

Who gave my life a meaning,


Beyond the description of words...

All the while, I was deceived: 

I was deceived to have found love:

I was deceived by no one else 

But you

Your love was based on the size of my pocket

And the generosity of my hands 

You valued money above my care and sacrifice

No wonder, I was the best thing 

That happened to you...

Sadly it's too late...

It's too late 

To come back into my life,

For another has taken your place;

My wife to be 

And the one to bear my children

It's too late 

To come back into my life...

How can I dethrone 

Someone who love me 

When I was all alone?

How can I dethrone someone

Who's value is inestimable?

How can I dethrone someone 

A billion men will wish to have?

It's too late to come back into my life...

I hope you'll find love and be loved,

Love stays even when it's stale,



Benedict Omenogor
Saturday 14 May 2022




Benedict Omenogor
Wednesday 2 February 2022

All I Have Left

My regret is bigger than the cosmos 

And my sorrow beyond words,

Behind my eyes are tears more than the Atlantic, 

And It streams from the rupture of my pain

The days ahead are lonely

And I don't know where to start 

The house isn't homely

And I don't know how to carry on, 

The depth of my loss is deeper 

Than an abyss!

I've lost contact with her

And will never see her again, 

I'm now a single man,

I'm now all alone!

Looking back at our union

I sink in sorrow:

I broke her heart, 

I betrayed her trust, 

I never kept the marriage vow! 

Just when I finally made up my mind

To be a good man, 

And make her a happy wife 

Then came her death!

I was late!

Oh, I came late! 

What greater pain, can there be

Than never having the chance 

To show love to someone who truly loves you?

This pain is more painful than pain! 

I've failed has an husband, 

And I've hurt myself...

I wish I can have a chance 

To go on my knees 

And speak with my tears,

I wish I can have a chance 

To make things right,

I wish I can wake up 

And call this a dream...

But I'm alone with wishes

And all I have left are tears... 


Benedict Omenogor
Sunday 2 January 2022

To The Woman I Fell In Love With

 I've heard tales upon tales;

Tales of how a woman mars a man

And makes him fall to the ground

I've seen many things; 

Many, many, things...

I've seen two lovers, 

Who fought to be together,

Fight to be separated forever 

As a young man that I was

Marriage was a dangerous place to thread:

A drama filled with suspense

Not knowing what lies ahead...


It was you!

You're the one behind everything

And where I am now! 


It was you!

It was you

Who made me knew what love is!

I saw it in your eyes

And felt it in your acts

You've made me stand tall

Above my peers,

You're the one who sees my tears

And wipes away my fears 


You've helped me beyond measure

And strengthen me when I'm down,

You've touched my noble soul,

And in you, I found a friend


The one who brightens my mood

And makes me feel good,

The one whose wisdom,

Cascades like a waterfall

And whose words are sweet as honey


You're beautiful in every way,

You're a woman worthy of my praise! 

Who will not be proud

To be called your husband?

Who will not be proud,

To have you as a wife?

A woman, a billion men will wish to have!

You belong to the specie of women

Not easily found,

The one called the vitreous woman

In God's Holy book


You've made the scriptures come alive!

Blessed be the God of Heaven and Earth

Years have passed

And we've come a long way through,

But I ask myself:

Who am I, to deserve your unwaivering love?

Who am I, to deserve your touching sacrifices?


I'm short of words...

I'm forever grateful to you, 

And to God, for helping me find you,

Aduke, you're my gem!


Benedict Omenogor
Sunday 3 October 2021

Hidden Things

I open my past before you

With everything you need to know,

Please treat as confidential: knowing it's my privacy

It won't take you by surprise

When you see and hear for yourself

Please, be free to make your choice,

For, the journey ahead is a lifetime

I won't be sad, 

If you don't end up with me

I'll even be proud, 

That you can tell me the truth:

The kind souls, I've always known

Are those, who care about others 

Now, the table is turned,

And it's your turn, 

Tell me everything,

Tell me everything I need to know

Don't pretend you didn't hear 

And later sing the song of love; 

What type of love is that?

A love based on your selfish interest, 

Because you want to get married

Don't tell me, you don't want to lose me:

What sort of speech is that?

Of what use is gaining me, 

And making a fool out of me?

This is our courtship:

Tell me everything I need to know...

What will it profit a man

To have a bride and not a wife?

What will it profit a woman

To have a bridegroom and not a husband?

Can the triumph of a moment 

Be better than the joy of a lifetime? 

Can the fake be better and admired

Than the original? 

If I dribble you with a feast of lies

And take away the truth from you,

If I deny you of reality,

And make a fool out of you:

You'll be happy, isn't it?

Where is the beauty in a life that hides reality? 

Every one deserves a chance to make their choice with clear eyes...

I may not be your Romeo, 

Please don't be sad, like I won't be sad 

If you aren't my Juliet:

It just gives us the opportunity to have the one for us;

For a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage 

This business of hidding one's identity

Will only bring more harm than good

The foundation of matrimony is built with truth,

And love should not be coaxed with falsehood


Benedict Omenogor
Saturday 14 May 2022


The beauty of a nation, 

And how far it will go, 

Lies in it's pursuit, 

In doing the right thing. 


Benedict Omenogor
Saturday 14 May 2022




Benedict Omenogor
Monday 20 September 2021


We crossed paths

And our love story began 

I was your fragrance

You were my air;

A blend of excellence, 

The talk of compliments 

Like the love of fishes for water

We can't do without each other,

Our love was our habitat, to survive 

And thrive

Everyday was like honeymoon

And It was like there's no tommorow,

But If I say I'm still happy in this union

Then I'm telling a big fat lie;

For a truth concealed 

Hurts more than a truth unleashed


The things I didn't see in our courtship,

Now plays before my very eyes...

And I watch, as circumstances opens 

The pages of unseen behaviors

To everyone, my marriage is fantastic! 

And they wish they're in my shoes,

But I hide the truth with a smile

And behind my eyes is a waterfall 

Sometimes I wonder, 

If you're the darling I married, or a clone

Cos it's difficult to believe 

And it's obvious I've lost 

The one I fell in love with 

The knot has been tied,

And the covenant has been made...

We got our admission and same day

We're given a certificate, 

When yet, we've written no exams

We're both in this school, called marriage

And sadly, you're learning, 

Yet unchanging and still failing

I'm human, and I'm hurt

But my greatest hurt 

Is your unwillingness to change,

Rid me of this pain 

And so I can be happy again

The best marriage I've ever known 

And we ever know 

Is one,

Where couples learn from each other 

And effect a change;

A marriage were couples emerge,

A better version of themselves...


Benedict Omenogor
Monday 20 September 2021


Before my eyes,

I see the collapse of love

And the loss of affection

I hear the tales of domestic violence

And see the scars of abuse 

In a society were men and women

Change spouses like clothes,

And lawyers are greeted with divorce

In a society were lovers swear: 

"For better or worst, till death do us part"

Yet put asunder

A covenant only death can break

In a society were marriage is by

Trial and error, and a game of luck,

I have a dream...

I have a dream of building 

A marriage that stands the test of time,

A marriage where we can look into each other's eyes and all we see is love

I have a dream of building 

A marriage where we can tell ourselves the truth,

And find a trust, too wonderful for words...

I have a dream of building

A marriage graced with laughter and smiles

A marriage with warmth of affection,

Respect, value and satisfaction

I have a dream of building

A marriage where I'm love for who I am,

A marriage where we stick together 

Like bread and butter...

A marriage that brings out the best of ourselves 

I have a dream of building 

A marriage better than that of my parents

And the many I see, around the globe.

I have a dream of building 

A marriage where I can live; 

A marriage I can call home...

A marriage that knows no divorce


Benedict Omenogor
Monday 20 September 2021


It's hard to say I'm sorry
You're always right, 
You're always in a hurry;
No chance to express myself 

When you see me with another;
You rage with jealousy...
You start thinking things,
I didn't do

When I ask a little favour 
You're set ablazed,
When I plead for time together 
You always say, you're busy, 
When I need your help
You let me down

So proud, I dare not correct you
In your faults
So devoted, to hold a book of records
In my flaws, 

If my face finds a smile
Then my heart sinks in sadness;
Cos you aren't satisfied,
or ever grateful

I'm hurt by your words
Times without number;
It erupts like a volcanoe 
And shatters my day

It appears we're close
But we're a million miles apart
You're present, but I'm lonely
It always you, you, you! 
You only care about yourself...

But you said, you love me 


Benedict Omenogor
Friday 17 September 2021


They come into the present

With a past shining like the stars, 

Their records are clean, and they have no scars,

With mouths full of gargantuan exploits, 

The evidence lies in their social media page

They speak like gurus with sugarcoated tongue and a friendly accent 

Hurray! heads nod in agreement

And the soul is elated

We could bury our head to defend them

For their innocence is seen on their face,

Their voice speaks softly, 

So softly, that it can touch a heart of stone 

Their tears falls unexpectedly, in pitiful drizzles or great torrents,

And they attract the empathy and sympathy of kind souls and folks alike 

But the painful part of the story

Is the discovery that...

They're not who we thought they were

And far from what they claim to be!

How distressing is the drama of pretence,

And how dramatic are it's actors and actresses!

Lies could be sweet and impressive

And appearance could be deceptive, 

Pretence isn't just a word 

But the character of folks

With no value for their reputation...

In our little small village

We all knew each other,

And it was difficult for people to fake...


Benedict Omenogor
Tuesday 14 September 2021


Imagine a firm
Without a vision, a mission
And a target market
Imagine a firm just wearing a name,
A firm producing nothing,
What kind of firm is this?
My mind ponders

Imagine an artiste on stage
And all we hear is, silence!
An artiste now a statue,
And a concert now an exhibition,
But, what kind of concert is this?
And of what use is the stage 
If not for a performance?

Imagine a novel,
With a title so captivating 
And a design so inviting
But, the pages are filled with nothing!
What kind of novel is this?
My mind ponders,
A novel without a substance
A novel that shatters my dream

Imagine a life 
Without a vision, a mission
And a target market 
Imagine a life just consuming
And not producing
Imagine a life just on stage,
With so much to impact and touch the world
Yet nothing to show, 
Imagine a life titled for greatness
But alive with empty pages

There's something more to life
Than hustling and trying to survive
There's something more to life 
Than working and staying alive 

Imagine a life just on earth,
Staying alive,
Until the clarion call of death...

We're all made for purpose
With so much invested in us

A great life is one
That dazzles the creator 


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