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Muhammad Halidu soba
Thursday 30 April 2020


O that virus who came like a visitor

You came conceaded at once

And it seems you came with alot of purposes

You came at the time when some men are holling but not others

Before your visit some are holling for persistence and starving

But others keep the persistence and starving

We saw how you broke that persistence and starving from others

And now the keepers are holling and the hollens are convivial

Is this the purpose of your visit to your selective friends?

Oh if this is it, you even make a big alliance with the rich and poor

You even made blacks and the alabaster to unanimity

And now they are looking for Concord and tranquility

Oh you visitor you came with alot of astound

You visit the globe with a different exceptional ways

Which you make some to even be scared with their loved ones

A taciturn move which eradicate in mare eye but inside is a benediction to scarce.


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