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Benedict Omenogor
Sunday 3 October 2021

Hidden Things

I open my past before you

With everything you need to know,

Please treat as confidential: knowing it's my privacy

It won't take you by surprise

When you see and hear for yourself

Please, be free to make your choice,

For, the journey ahead is a lifetime

I won't be sad, 

If you don't end up with me

I'll even be proud, 

That you can tell me the truth:

The kind souls, I've always known

Are those, who care about others 

Now, the table is turned,

And it's your turn, 

Tell me everything,

Tell me everything I need to know

Don't pretend you didn't hear 

And later sing the song of love; 

What type of love is that?

A love based on your selfish interest, 

Because you want to get married

Don't tell me, you don't want to lose me:

What sort of speech is that?

Of what use is gaining me, 

And making a fool out of me?

This is our courtship:

Tell me everything I need to know...

What will it profit a man

To have a bride and not a wife?

What will it profit a woman

To have a bridegroom and not a husband?

Can the triumph of a moment 

Be better than the joy of a lifetime? 

Can the fake be better and admired

Than the original? 

If I dribble you with a feast of lies

And take away the truth from you,

If I deny you of reality,

And make a fool out of you:

You'll be happy, isn't it?

Where is the beauty in a life that hides reality? 

Every one deserves a chance to make their choice with clear eyes...

I may not be your Romeo, 

Please don't be sad, like I won't be sad 

If you aren't my Juliet:

It just gives us the opportunity to have the one for us;

For a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage 

This business of hidding one's identity

Will only bring more harm than good

The foundation of matrimony is built with truth,

And love should not be coaxed with falsehood


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