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John Chinaka Onyeche
Monday 13 July 2020

Sons of the slave masters


At what age should you be freed 

With every birth they are seen 

Running after their enslavers 

In pains they begot them sons 

As slave they sold their mothers 

And in every birth history is lost 

How long should they enslaves you

Sons of the slave masters 

At what day is it written freed 

That you have received freedom 

Not from men of this world 

Somewhat Supreme set free 

Mental illness of slavery is dead 

Worse than the lost history 

At every beat tradition is mired

Name me my ancestors and 

Preserve their history in me 

Sons of the slave masters 

Is the golden chains treasures 

That chain with an inscription 

Hung around your necks as 

Slaves of the men across the sea 

There silence is enforced in you 

With your chains you must sing 

Your gods songs as mockery tones 

One leg up and down the miles 

Sons of the slave masters 

At what moments are you to be halt 

Trading a thousands of miles away 

From home comfort lacks not 

What is in you that can't be harness 

You run away to return in the evening 

With chains in everything thing you do

Love not your chains as freedom looms 

Shake it off thy neck and be freed again

Sons born in slavery that seeks freedom 

Speak up and stand for your right as humans 

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


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