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Matthias Pantaleon
Saturday 18 April 2020

I Won't Forget You Even If You Limp

The old anchor lay waste at sea, plague with rust
As the tide reaches its thigh, higher it goes
Nightmare hunts its shank, for it lays idle in seabed
Still, it never forgets how to keep a ship stable

You are the old anchor that keeps me afloat
Now, you cannot keep yourself from drifting
Mist and moist makes beauty pass for beast
I will remember you for your steadfastness

For my heart follows where the sun cruises
Up to the point where it bends into the mangrove 
I'll wait for you where the tide and shore kisses
And the wavelets somersault like goldfishes

Do not somersault out of your own skin
I know that ghost; the hale and the shame
Life owes nobody; expect no ale, no horn
And there would be no wild goose chase

Instead of fighting with battered ego
Make peace with you. Amend your excesses
In the end, there will always be surplus
Let me tell you something you already know 

Life is not fair - I got a fair share
Compared to the risk of living
My share is not proportional, however 
I'm grateful - a slice is gracious plenty

You have to survive Armageddon, 
To be named a veteran
Learn to live one day with a clear head 
Survive night rain, but

If you come to misfortune as I feared
Losing your boathouse and ships to loan shark 
I will never keep my ship from your island
And I won't forget you, even if you limp


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