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Tuesday 18 September 2018

O Sambisa

O godmother of bloodsheds
Thou harbour blood of the hunter and the prey,
As thy soil bringeth forth ready-made blood
Of seasons---peace and war times.

O Sambisa
Why did thou made thy soil
A palace of assailants?
Where Patriots and terrorists vanish
To the restive abode...the mother earth.

O Scary Land
Why did thou suffereth thy
green pasture...into a vicious hay
For herds of human?

Warlords and hordes
Ferociously strive now within a sovereign land
For thou hast driven tranquil
Into extinction.

Ceaseless fear befell border lands
Cause, thou avail not harmonious environs
Since the soil no longer bear
Victual bloods, it spill out and
Make thy land dreadful.

Abductors, the monarch of thy territory
Obliterates existing souls of thy
As they thole pitiable plights;
Some to early beds--- the grave,
While some to lifeless life
O Sambisa.

Thou appraises ammunitions of peace
which caused ruckus and brawl
Thy peaceful soil.
Will thou allow war
never to be heard of thee?

My pen bleeds and wails
All day as gloom betides thy soil,
As Fathered become fatherless,
even sucklings are lost in the forest home
Why Sambisa, why?

Thou allowed not stellar inventions
to thy soil but crooked feats
and cruel murder of thy inventors
As Karma exhilarates in the heightened rates of casualties.

If this soothes thee,
Let the gods subtly interpose
let not annihilation persists still
Let serene regal and peace regime thy land
As thy soil lies not in fordo,
O great Sambisa.

© Victar Da'Poet


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