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Monday 1 April 2024

A Maffy Wiffey Like The Maffling Mafflet

O thou love’s loyalist

You trust me with

a pure heart

Pure like a

purified Diamond

Your saintly Rightman

The Great loving lover


Saint Diamond Rightman

Great, as you know

Is my complete name

Completed and trusted

like a trusted enemy


Can I call you the purity

That purifies the Diamond?

You and I know, I

would have been

A common stone!


Though I’m not perfect

I’m the Diamond -

A diamond with a flaw

is better than a common stone


Can I say you are the

Purity that purifies

the purifier

Or the lambakum?

The adjective to describe

you is yet unknown


Be that as

it may

I vow

a vow of     love

          by    love

And   For    love –

I would carry love

Upon my shoulder

As a point of duty

for the love of you

And to discover

how more or less

Your           Love


My               Love –

Then know what

your aspect is

And while I would

not wait for infinity

Let me say

You are the love’s loyalist.


                   The anointed parrot


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