Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu

Biography: A renowned Poet and also a prolific writer who has contributed alot in world Poetry at large. Many of his works have been published in the sun magazine, The New Yorker, spillwords in New York, premium times Lagos, and hello poetry etc. He is currently a student of International relations in the Nigerian Army University Biu, Borno state.

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Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Saturday 10 February 2024

The Melody Lane


A Duet between Jeremiah Austin Osanebi and Yaksport Josiah


Thinking of the same uncertainty of being a lover 

A large crowd gathered this time around it birthed her filtering hover

The smile was a write- up

But oh, only lovers could read the lovely sum up

And soloist could sing 

The line of the song kept ringing 

Alas! My heart Panted 

Like the river bricks panted.


The symphony of camaraderie is beating in my heart

Dreams every night have visited my sleep

I wonder why the ding dong bell rings in my heart

I told my cheerful mind to wake from the mid day sleep

I have been deserted once, and never again will fall in love

But oh the spark in my heart continuous to love.


My love sings 

With a fearful trill

Of things unknown 

I dance along 

In the street with a fearful trill

But longed for still

And my tune is unheard 

On the mountain hill 

For my love sings 

And cry for freedom .


If the decked flowers, seldom hop for the rhythm of the brave,

If Davinci's paintings are no more thrilling to gaze,

If the springtime grasses are no more attractive to the cows,

If chickens now fled away from its symphonic crows

If a cat can easily stop its thrilling, purr, and meowing,

Then humans easily shoot away love, like an arrow on the hunter's bowing.

©Jeremiah Austin Asanebi and Yaksport Josiah



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