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Biography: I am a poet of many worths An amorous quest for my heights Of many who care to listen to my thoughts I am a poet of many desires

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Alexander Adewole
Friday 11 June 2021


Lay bare like goblet wine
Handled by the holiest saint
To which the twelve sipped
And honoured by the master stroke.

Shining object of honour
Where truth and life dwells
In the sacred place of worship
Dishing out truth and joy

The beam of light shines neons
Within the eleventh hour time
Through the bond that follows
The Commission testament

Shining like the truth
In the midst of turmoil
Sparkling like the way
In the midst of confusion.

Now, the hope lay fallow
Men clutching the innate desire
The way we lost the Chalice
And seek Him in the churches.

But can never be the truth
Nor be the bond of trinity
But a fragments of hope
Concocted by man's insoluble mind.

The wall built between us
Drives our Paul away forever
And tell us to water Apollo.
But we are one, I suppose.

Gallant Soldiers of Christ
Hold on unto this practice
To edify yourself in him
But we drifted from the teachings

Time and again
The beam went dim
And men groped in the dark
In search of Him again.

Looking for the sparkling way
And shining truth
Through chalice,
Object of edification.

Poem composed by the duo of
Adewole Alexander and Olamide Odediran


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