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Ibrahim Shehu
Saturday 15 July 2023


All this nightmares 

Will it end 

Loving the dark

But can’t express it 

Helpless but strong 

Beaten more than twice but still trusted 

Shouts for help 

But didn’t get any 

Never felt so needed

And I didn’t help 

Is it time 

Revenge ?

Is that the best solution 

Nothing scares me more than blood 

Not all that glitters are gold 

Some are plastic 

We easily break 

Dropping us doesn’t mean we will break 

Is it that bad ?

Cheat and be cheated on 

Can’t we just accept leaving is best for us 

Happy a second ago 

Now sad 

I cried till tears couldn’t flow 

Is it me ?

They act nice but devil is beneath their 


Are all this to be distracted 

Leaving my problems 

But they still show up in the dark 

What a nightmare


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