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Tuesday 21 January 2020


My addiction
Breathes through my veins
I've become the man with liquid vision
Everything slips by me
But not you

Seeking to find the way
To the stage for me to grab the mic
By the throat and publish your name
Around the globe so the world would know
That you make me whole
So attend
To my bleeding pen hand spilling blue blood
Writting on the waves of the sea
The magic if your love
Your elegance and power
A virtue like no other
You're the light to my fire

Let the skies bear the burden of the canvas
As i splash your essence
Highlighting the color of your eyes
Your nose and dimpled cheeks
The sunny smiles that bring out your teeth
I can't deny it
You are my strength when I'm weak
My back-up when I'm broken by defeat
You raise me to my feet

My light in the dark so I won't stumble
I know with you I can never crumble
When rude mornings come like locust to make me sick
You give me reasons to live and breath
Now I can't stay away I'm addicted to you like a junkie
For you are my life partner.


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