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Friday 6 January 2023

The Blank Book

three hundred and sixty five pages book
this syllable with twelve scenes
each scene with four acts at least
read with determination
though nobody knows the end
it's known only by the author

I try reading all the pages
word by word from intro-
through the appendix
version by version both the old
the more I try to catch up the words
they disappear and the faster time flies
hoping to understand the past,
present and future more
yet the result's always different

interpreting the meanings
takes wisdom and patience
discipline and positivity
grace and hard labour
the portrayment of this book
refer to our daily struggle
at least what we are is written

the prayer of all readers
is that the new book
gives hope and blessings
love and harmony
wealth and breakthrough
to any who cross-open over
and with a positive mentality
new book, new life, new revolution.


orbiam simon
Friday 6 January 2023

Bold step

be courageous

be bravious 

be strong

keep going

never lose hope

never give up 

life is hard 

prove to be harder

these are the words in mind

when life get tougher 

be your couch 

be your manager

your influencer 

you are a fighter 

facely with the world

gazing eye to eye

standing all tall

kill a self-doubt

for it's an enemy  

kill that your fear

become a hero of yourself 

take the risk of confronting

hindrances with your strength 

look around you'll see no one

it's you against the world

you only see you in this ring 

the ring planet earth 

don't you stay down

don't stop the fight 

for life is but just a battle.


orbiam simon
Friday 9 September 2022

What's Life?

The journey to unknown

the beginning and the end

a gaze towards eternity

it's a race of success

the good and bad sequence

a chance of redemption

the light eliminating darkness


Life is a path-way to cross over

it's a teacher of all kinds

"wisdom and knowledge"

life is but a dream

it's a two sides of a coin

it changes inevitable

the green breath on the universe

the images of the creator

It's the likeness for all


life is but mystery

which one can't Analyse

neither understands

it's wonderfully sheen

is everything but simplicity

life is loyalty and honesty

life is deferent to each other

but life to me means love and peace

for life is power from above

and life is but a gamble.


orbiam simon
Friday 9 September 2022

The Lane

it happens as settled 

the well being and the manifest 

they goes together 


and as the holy book quotes 

"give Caesar what belongs to hi

and God what belongs to him

it's the light of life 


we wag alive to be stro

though the wages of sin

they say is death

for life is but a mystery

'but spiritual

the choices we makes

for better or worse

getting reach or die tryin

when all starts and ends by grace 

yet vanity is wealth


but the ardor la

is the foundation 

to the physical 

for reaches and wealth 

all stands on none-physical.


orbiam simon
Monday 16 December 2019


All kingdoms
Needs their freedom
And to be ruled by the people of wisdom.


orbiam simon
Saturday 14 March 2020


The winds of murder
The waves of death
High--tide flow and blow evil.


orbiam simon
Tuesday 21 January 2020


In the garden of shrubs
where birds and insects gathers
In search of the rose that glitters
when a sun rise
it rises with a sunflower
which dances sheen for the sun
till it sleeps off.

An eagle is sitting with a shiny moon
when the skies plays
and when joy glimmers like a cluster
I will delightful sing a flourish melody
the appeal of my soul.

When foxes are crowded
I sight a blessing
(For who ever found love found life)
And I sigh with a bleeding heart for love.

Like ovules in ovary
And Honey in it's wax
So is my bride in my home
For a butterfly travels miles for it desire
So do I for mine
For a dance is just a step.


orbiam simon
Thursday 7 November 2019


Crime has many eyes
wings but can't fly
Long as snake
Bites itself often
Has extended family
And through the generations---distant relative

Justice sees no sound
Hears no insight
The thorn amidst the crops
Because what's "a lion without teeth
Tree without root
Lie without truth" ---justice.


orbiam simon
Tuesday 21 January 2020


My addiction
Breathes through my veins
I've become the man with liquid vision
Everything slips by me
But not you

Seeking to find the way
To the stage for me to grab the mic
By the throat and publish your name
Around the globe so the world would know
That you make me whole
So attend
To my bleeding pen hand spilling blue blood
Writting on the waves of the sea
The magic if your love
Your elegance and power
A virtue like no other
You're the light to my fire

Let the skies bear the burden of the canvas
As i splash your essence
Highlighting the color of your eyes
Your nose and dimpled cheeks
The sunny smiles that bring out your teeth
I can't deny it
You are my strength when I'm weak
My back-up when I'm broken by defeat
You raise me to my feet

My light in the dark so I won't stumble
I know with you I can never crumble
When rude mornings come like locust to make me sick
You give me reasons to live and breath
Now I can't stay away I'm addicted to you like a junkie
For you are my life partner.


orbiam simon
Tuesday 10 September 2019


Why must you marry two?
Why must you marry three?
Why must you be a polygamist?
Why did you do that?
Why, why
Why have you chose to punish us?
Why must you pressurize yourself?

The innocent child is desperate
Because his plight is cumbersome
His mind is poisoned
For his struggle started in the morning
You owe him plenty
You have a question to answer
If only his God can free you a moment.


orbiam simon
Tuesday 10 September 2019


"Hold your soldiers
Hold your thugs
Hold your fire
Against the people"
The nation is thirsty
For peace and unity

Stand together
Stand for all
Stand to build all in one
The future is crying
The future is scaring
But the nature has it's laws
Nature justifies

I hear a child cries
For his parents are no more
Take the baby


orbiam simon
Saturday 7 September 2019

Above the law.

If the bees can't sting
Within their wax
How can they attack outside?
If a snake can't swallow a deal rat
What about a flying bat?
The lion has shed tears
When a rabbit intruded his territory

A tilapia has drank off the ocean
And the sharks are desperate
The hawk has taken away the food
From the eagle and flew freely

The throne has been invaded by unknown slave
The crown has snatched by the air
A tongue has been bitten by the teeth
When there is food in the mouth
How can they protect us
If the mace and the laws can't be guarded?
There is a crack on the wall.


orbiam simon
Tuesday 21 January 2020

At our age (1st October)

We ought to be patriotic
We all obliged to be one.
despite our different tunes
we pledged to unites.
Peace, Love and Faith
we yelled and yelled
in strength and power.

We have what it takes
in assurance we called freedom.
Militarily the voyage began.
The solemnity song changed
as we crossed blood rivers

At our age! What can we call ours?
At our age! Where are we?
At our age! the birds are singing
back or forth,left or right.
At our age! Corruption our DNA.
At our age! Where is our hope?
At our age! save our nation o' God


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