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Godwin Worikuma
Tuesday 4 May 2021

A day shall come

A day shall come oh my father land.

you have been left to pain like a wife whose husband left the children for without a trace.

I can feel your anguish from North to south, east to west.

anguish that the end has never be known.

I remember the days you were called Nigeria ' the giant of Africa'.

those days are now the shadows of itself.

the people you negotiated the natural resources for has turned their back on you.

you are  now like a milking cow that the owner has refused to feed,

if am in place I would have made things right, am so sorry for the stab in the back.

who shall come to your aid at this point of anguish, when all attempts to make things right has gone faded, jaded, dead and decayed.

A day shall come for everyone feeling your pain to be pushed out of their fatal incompetence to make things right.

the day shall come, surely it shall come

when dreams can be built again,

it will definitely come.

you shall be healed and soar on eagles wing.

your lost glory shall be restored, and every tongue shall hail your old name Nigeria 'the giant of Africa'.


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Precious Olite

Precious Olite
5/26/2021 4:56:57 AM

Under the orange ray of dusk,

The sun is a mediator of two hands
Joined as one in love.

Victoria Stephen

Victoria Stephen
4/29/2021 3:44:07 PM

I just wish love can see me through the moonlight, set up a light for me in the darkness and guide me till am lost no more..