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Biography: My chief goal is to become a very adroit wordsmith someday.

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Plato Joakim
Tuesday 27 July 2021

A Nation in doldrums.

O dear Nigeria,

Why do you in your little strides bask

when your counterparts keep sprinting 

forward in the race of progress?

Once upon a time,you roared 

And your counterparts cowered 

in reverence at your unassailable might.

Why has your mighty roars into moans softened?

 Nature that adorned you with a myriad

of resources,mineral and human and made

you,among your peers,a cynosure of envy 

now cringes at what you have become:

 From your abode,Peace and Justice 
have taken flight like a bird perching 
on a twig unperturbed until it is startled.

Terror,now seated upon your throne grins 

as he hears the agonizing wails of his captives

in shackles bound,pounding relentlessly

against the iron bars of their unforgiving dark dungeon.

 The gloomy sky above echoes 

with the ceaseless cries of the innocent;

The mournful earth below has with spilled crimson blood

of her offsprings been begrimed.

O God in heaven,when will thou harken 

unto the shrieks of the oppressed?


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