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Biography: My chief goal is to become a very adroit wordsmith someday.

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Plato Joakim
Saturday 18 September 2021

Where does True happiness lie?

From the infinite stupidity of Mankind stems the superfluous thought

That with earthly treasures,True happiness can be bought.

Oh In his greedy pursuit of Power and wealth has Men sought 

for her.Yet,at the end of this long,tedious road,what have they got?

Absolutely Nothing!

Can a budding flower ever fully bloom 

If kept in a region permeated with total gloom?

Hark! True happiness lie in the simplicity of life 

devoid of unnecessary cares and strife.


Plato Joakim
Thursday 5 August 2021

Rainy thoughts.

O gloomy sky,

I hear the roaring thunder in your forlorn abode which jolts

the retired earth,herald the impending arrival of the rain;

Why do your eyes,heavily laden with tears

still stubbornly hold them back from streaming down?

My eager ears desire nothing but to hear

the soft soothing music of the rain pattering 

on the overhead aluminum roof of my room as still 

as the painting of the artist spread out on a canvas,

for my profound poundering over the myriad of events of the stressful day

while sprawled on my bed has made

the path to sleep hard to find.Come rain,

Come and seal my eyes in deep peaceful slumber.




Plato Joakim
Monday 2 August 2021


  JULY,having tarried with us for thirty one days

bids our fickle world farewell as he prepares 

to embark on his journey to the land of the past

with a solemn promise to visit again

In a grander style in the coming year;


As he turned his head to take a last look

at our world behind,Tears in his eyes stood,

And he uttered in a doleful tone:

"I am sorry I could not stay enough long 

to fulfill all the promises unto you I made 

when I arrived on the heels of the departure of june.

But to take my stead,AUGUST my friend will be here very soon

And he will build magneficiently on all the foundations I have laid.

I beseech you to treat him with the same hospitality you afforded me to find 

abundant favours in his eyes because of all my friends,he is the most kind"


Plato Joakim
Tuesday 27 July 2021


 Life is a candle flame,bright yellow

(as the dazzling sun at noon 

that sits majestically in the blue sky)

which dances freely in the tranquil space

until a puff of wind creeps by.


Plato Joakim
Tuesday 27 July 2021

A Nation in doldrums.

O dear Nigeria,

Why do you in your little strides bask

when your counterparts keep sprinting 

forward in the race of progress?

Once upon a time,you roared 

And your counterparts cowered 

in reverence at your unassailable might.

Why has your mighty roars into moans softened?

 Nature that adorned you with a myriad

of resources,mineral and human and made

you,among your peers,a cynosure of envy 

now cringes at what you have become:

 From your abode,Peace and Justice 
have taken flight like a bird perching 
on a twig unperturbed until it is startled.

Terror,now seated upon your throne grins 

as he hears the agonizing wails of his captives

in shackles bound,pounding relentlessly

against the iron bars of their unforgiving dark dungeon.

 The gloomy sky above echoes 

with the ceaseless cries of the innocent;

The mournful earth below has with spilled crimson blood

of her offsprings been begrimed.

O God in heaven,when will thou harken 

unto the shrieks of the oppressed?


Plato Joakim
Tuesday 27 July 2021


Amidst journeying through life's wilderness,

my heart is always fulsome with merriness 

at the thought of returning to my homely nest 

like birds after the day's labour to rest:

Priceless is my mother's warm-hearted embrace

In which I find a soothing solace;

Equally doting is my father's gentle pat of pride 

on my back for my academic stride.

My ears incessantly pines for the details 

Of my siblings' endless tales

about all that happened in my absence;

There is possibly no place like home hence.


Plato Joakim
Tuesday 27 July 2021


 The boundless sky above

is gloomy and all shades of grey.

Flanking the smooth,narrow tarred road

that stretches endlessly before us

are thick shrubs of green that dances briskly 

to the tune of the wind that whistles by.

 From the misty eyes of the doleful clouds

pours down the rain that drums on

the windshield and roof of our speeding bus,

drowning out the hum of the engine;

All I see ahead of me through

the crystal clear lens of my spectacles

is a hazy view of the speeding trucks and cars.

Amidst all this, unperturbed by the unfavourable element 

Of nature that waylays us,a pleasantly pungent scent 

Of home wafts into my dry nostrils from afar,

rousing blissful memories to me so dear 

from the long lost days(I forever treasure)

which from me Time has stolen;

Like a potter who out of the finest clay fashion

a status to his and the eyes of world alluring,

 So has those memories moulded me 

Into who I have become today.


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