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Biography: Am a young poet who has great dreams of becoming one of the greatest poets alive. At age 9 i have written over 50 poems and have written two books Though Poetry doesn't thrive in Nigeria, but i pray a time will come where my talents shall be awarded and celebrated i still remain #debar

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Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 17 July 2023

The First Kiss by de bar

She appeared as innocent as a morning dove, Yet our conversation slowly dried, lacking love. With a stern gaze, she looked up at me, If not for knowing her, I'd think she was angry.

Searching for words, my lips failed to reply, In silence, my tongue kept still, oh, how time flew by. Our eyes locked, like magnets, unable to break, I couldn't help but stare at her, my heart awake.

Time seemed jealous, freezing in its place, Her soft orange hands met mine, an embrace. She didn't freeze me, but I couldn't move, Lost in her gaze, my thoughts all askew.

Suddenly, my heartbeat tripled, a rush of fear, Nervousness or illness, the cause wasn't clear. My legs felt weak and heavy, as if in chains, Yet I took a step closer, as if driven by unseen reins.

She reached for my lenses, removing my visual aid, At that moment, clarity surged, my vision stayed. Was I healed or was she my cure, magically so? Stunned, I stood there, unsure if to stay or go.

Her eyes delved into mine, deep and intense, A rush of blood surged, a perplexing sense. Why did she search so deeply, what did she find? My legs protested, yet I moved closer, entwined.

Time distorted, granting us more than its share, Four hundred and twenty seconds within a minute's affair. In response, I stared deeply into her innocent gaze, Unyielding, I refused to lose, the game ablaze.

My lenses fell to the wet, hairy rug below, Ignored, as I saw clearly, their purpose forgo. She, focused, attentive to my every motion, The music in her earpods paused, devotion.

Guilt filled me as I admired her glistening lips, We exchanged glances, like infants in innocent trips. Both yearning for something unknown yet desired, My brain whispered she was leaning forward, inspired.

Tears or mere fascination shimmered in her eyes, Distracted by her hand, massaging my palm in guise. Naïve thoughts raced through my perplexed mind, While those determined eyes, their secrets confined.

As if we were the only beings in existence's sway, No one else stared, nature's support in the rain's display. My right hand acted on instinct, reddening her cheek, As if she knew, she closed her eyes, making me weak.

I took in the fragrance from her lips with delight, My eyes refusing to blink, savoring the sight. Our lips met, engaging in a sweet battle's delight, Her arrows of strawberry, mine laced with venom's bite.

Her lips resisted, not willing to concede defeat, Enjoying the moment, our battle so sweet. Our teeth, absent from the fighting fray, As the months joined, in a dance of display.

I felt as if I were drowning, overcome by the tide, Desperate, I cheated, massaging her face in pride. Yet she grew stronger, drowning my troops with zest, Admitting defeat, I surrendered, acknowledging her conquest.

Her eyes awoke, guiltless, innocent still, Naïve of what action to take, a void to fill. Motionless, I stood, until her warm hands embraced, My hands, without permission, reciprocated in haste.

Hugging tightly, lost in this moment's embrace, Time paused, not wanting to leave this sacred space. But like a fleeting flash, she vanished, disappeared, And I awoke, a smile upon my face, dreams cleared.

Alas, it was but a dream, a fleeting fantasy, Yet its vividness lingers, leaving an imprint on me.


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