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Olukemi Omoyeni
Tuesday 14 September 2021


we imagine hades,

Where all demons go.

As an opulent lady with a glow,

Still scrabblig for relevance in this globe.

Relevance? Woman? Uncalled for!

A stare to imagine the nakedness,

Thats all you will notice.

The woman gets bizzare,

ruthless, and crooked,

Are you negroid?

how negroid?

Are you of my clan and kinship?

No, I am human-that's my feedback.

This spot of mine was your status qou,

Now your craving is totally saturated,

And your belly protruding,

But this i shall relieve,

I am on the eve,

I no longer cringe nor cleave.

I am on the eve of a revolution,

This strait and penury will all be gone,

This poverty that kicked my breast as I moan,

With my reinment dangling on my neck torn.

I am not your clansman,

Swear? No, not even in any span.

I won't swear to being your clansman, changing my identity to be gratified

You may turn your back and go on rampage,

I won't speak your language,

I don't oscillate to be guaged,

I am just human.

If I need solace and soothing, grant me don't gum,

Let not this corrigendum become an addendum,

I may be glued to the wall as I writhe now,

But I am on the eve of affluence and opulence,

Nothing has changed as I envisioned


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Ene Favour  Otinya

Ene Favour Otinya
9/22/2021 4:46:51 PM

Love held in hands,
Opens eyes to  hope in the skies;
Now I see light.

Emmanuel Uwe Etim

Emmanuel Uwe Etim
9/10/2021 12:00:53 AM

The moon witness' us,
At the blouse of tensed sunset,
Love, the name we bare.

Etim Emmanuel Uwe 

Mighty Oluwayemi

Mighty Oluwayemi
8/20/2021 6:00:53 AM

And crazy they went
Vows and promises they put on head
14/2 marks their death

Obiageli Odukwe

Obiageli Odukwe
7/12/2021 3:24:13 AM

Dear Valentine

Val' as you are,
Val' as it is,
Val' I engage. 

Uche Ahunanya

Uche Ahunanya
7/9/2021 5:34:33 PM

Gently receding
Beneath the horizon 
Fom whence she did rise 

Yusuf Dauda

Yusuf Dauda
6/19/2021 2:43:23 PM

In the hallow of your beauty my heart dwelled, I sight the beams, i smell the charms of your overwhelming perfume, the power of my enduring heart fails me; then I plight to love you forever!


Precious Olite

Precious Olite
5/26/2021 4:56:57 AM

Under the orange ray of dusk,

The sun is a mediator of two hands
Joined as one in love.

Victoria Stephen

Victoria Stephen
4/29/2021 3:44:07 PM

I just wish love can see me through the moonlight, set up a light for me in the darkness and guide me till am lost no more..