Tuesday 14 November 2023


The split layers of grave waters falling from beautiful eyes
Glittering poisons and curses with thirst for blood
Various trees trampled by dark horses
in pursuit of rings and flintstones
Keep your foreballs awake, somewhere over the clouds

This land, filled with mixed breeds of roses and thorns with the lust of a bottomless pit.
Sprouting golden seeds that cause hearts to bleed
At dusk, pose in seventh heaven as gods'
At dawn, they exchange unorthodox beliefs for wandering stars.
Veracity overridden by dark lies
With killer gadgets that rub flowers metamorphosis
Left to drain and never to breathe

Look, dust scorning dust.
Whining like dogs with claws of a vulture
But time is no waitress and death a crust
Who gives no chance for egoistic battles
Shortly, the candle snuffs out
Then the darkness in coffins, flies and beetles
No peacock shruts, no roaring lions
Just as quiet as a mouse

Let the false bird of paradise be a violet
And the murky, daisy.
For there is no eye without the iris
And no movement without bones


Wednesday 27 September 2023


Oh pray, that we may be emacipated!

For mother earth is impatient 

Dancing to dark drums

Blind like a bat and stubborn as a mule

Resisting God, her creator 

Drinking sweat and stinking fish

Wearing stones on wrinkled neck

Stuck in pursuit for power and evolution


Oh pray, that we may be emacipated!

For I hear dung bells ringing warnings.

Consciousness, weeping for resurrection 

Eyes begging to see the lights

Mouth covered with cobwebs of chicanery, struggling for emancipation, hailing, 

Bring back our rectitude!


Saturday 16 September 2023


As I struggled in the dark lane at dawn

With noisy crickets giving rhythms in my trance

I recalled myself, 'a diamond among the sea of glass'

Who once sat on a winning lottery

But my gigantic hunger made the curtain of life fall.

Will I have a second bite at a cherry?

One that comes with grits and stars?

Not in dusks but sunrise in life?

These questions kept knocking through my brain while the yellow light rested on my cheek.

I hope to break the circle and make it count again!


Sunday 3 September 2023

Deep Reminisce

It's cloudy here.

Like a stormy sea, with wind howling and waves surfing on the surface.

I see minds blinded by evolution.

Weight on shoulders, depression from screams,

Eyes, falling diamonds

People trapped like fluid in a container with swollen stomachs.


Take me back to those days when life was like a garden with sunshine.

When our frame of mind wasn't lost, and we never had to compare ourselves to everyone on the internet who appeared to be over the moon.

When women didn't have to dwell on make-up or run naked on the street, all because of beauty.


Those times, we would climb the roof and occasionally fall like a thousand bricks.

But we would learn to take off passionately, like a rocket ship, rather than wail. 

Then, human minds weren't so degraded by just making money and gaining recognition.

We acquired skills.

Made a rainbow after a storm and focused on still water.

We had giant boxes with real music, and our lives were black and white, which was powerful.

But color appeared in technological flames that enchanted the eyes.


Yes! Life has improved with computers in our hands, but beneath these benefits lies another side of the story. 

Our joy eludes our world because of avarice, while we bathe ourselves in insomnia and addiction that are nugatory. 

Vampires attacked mockingbirds from the sky for moving dirt.

Earthly entities take things for granted.

like broken balloons to fine wine 

Now, youths look down their noses and sow their wild oats due to our little foxes and darkness.

Our social interactions are like hitting the hay daily with no utterance.

Yep, even the smallest prefers punching an iPad to pouring hearts on the dining table.

Reminisce deeply.


Saturday 26 August 2023


As I lay on my fluffy bed with my head tilted towards the ceiling, in trance, at dawn 

I felt my hair rising as a consolating presence so still as water, envelope me.

A consecrated entity with face like the appearance of lightning and eyes of flaming torches

Sitting on a throne with fiery flames, burning wheels, arms and legs gleam like burnished bronzes

Illuminating brightly in our darkest times

Impeccable in power, sagacity and goodness 

Jesus Christ, our redeemer and dear

Whose name conquers all demons, satan, foes 

His words reverberated in my greasy ear

Ye, the devil in rancor and fury

comes to steal, kill and destroy

Sets confusion among nations with penury

Bombs, riffles, bloody monstrous sucker

Flashing your highest desires when you are despondent

The dirty sees the weakness of man

Thirsty for beings with no contentment

Politicians, musicians, pastors

Hungry for power amongst clans

Writers, singers, educators and slanderers

Turning supercilious minds against their creator 

With riches and stardom in exchange for their souls

But fear not

For who can battle with the lord?

The victory is of God, the one whose voice is thunderous 

Protector and guardian to big and small

Light and lamp to feet and paths

Fear not,

Lights of the world 

But put your confidence in Elshaddai

The road may be rough and tough. In Him you must wait

Ye, the dark forces roaming and seeking who to devour, do not shake or desecrate

Speak my extraordinary adoration to the people that every knee will bow,

Every tongue will confess

That God is crown over all


Thursday 24 August 2023

LUCIFER'S FALL by Richie Kharis

"The devil wasn't a devil until he became a devil."

A model of sagacity
Faultless and excellent in beauty
Covered with valuable stones
Annointed as a guardian cherub
Set upon the consecrated mountain of God
Flawless in ways until iniquity appeared
Beauty made the heart arrogant
Brightness currupted sageness
Filled with violence by multitude of merchandise
Driven out in disgrace
Made spectacle before earth kings to see


Sunday 30 July 2023


The moon illuminated the scenery of crisis

Leaving my hands on my sweating face, as my eyes fade in hypnosis.

I see life at a glance,

Sweet and bitter

Lost in a trance 

Of flowers with butter 

Awoken to the real world by rifles, bombs, commotion, sounds and drones 

The strikes of soldiers, the screams of newborns

Many torn apart by anger at dawning

Streets full of blood, wails and yawning

Buried deep, choked in silence

I took to my eels, pacing the pavement blindly in turbulence. 

My gun on me, bullets for safety

Still life reads continuously 

I hope I see the moonlight again 

Not from this cave, but out there, freely drinking champagne 

With no nuclear shots but fireworks in Ukraine again!


Friday 28 July 2023

FAIRY ROMANCE by Richie Kharis

What a beautiful fairy with a face like the sun

She winked at me and then left me to stun

I couldn't feel my breath, I felt none

I've been looking for my missing rib. I wish she was the one


Lost was I in an imagination of romance 

How sweet it would be to kiss her at any chance

I felt her lips on mine as I held her in a dance

But she was so muscled that I groped in the dark askance


Yeah, as creamy and tempting it would seem

Hmm boy! It turned out, it was nothing but a dream 

Because there was my brother, Johny Klein 

hugging me tight with his face close to mine.


Wednesday 28 June 2023

JOHNNY WHITE by Richie Kharis

Cry out your pain, 

forgive, but do not dine with a bane, 

learn, move on don't be birdbrain 

Be a king- slay some dragons, don't entertain

Don't try to be normal because no one is

But don't be a devil if you want your peace

Forget asking for approval to be who you are

for no one is special as you are

Yes, no one cares if you're black or white

what matters is "Are you doing what is right?"

You can chose to be a kite that robs people at night

Or you can be the spark of light the world needs to reunite 

in the end, it's all about you Johnny White


Saturday 24 June 2023


She is not JUST about the roses

She is about those pains that make you doze

She is about the experience that changes your mindset about decomposing 

She is about you and your world.

She exposes-

Threats, failures and nemesis with some blows

These may hurt you deeper than poison

But the facts lie in whether you can keep falling prey or you can fight to keep your head high above the world


She can change you, no matter who you are

It's either you become a Beast or an Angel

Just don't be both in disguise

Unless you seek a rude demise

She happens in her own time

Irrespective of what you have been formulating your whole lifetime


She can leave you a scar or make you an exemplar 

She has more than you know on her plate;

Depression, confusion, illusions which make you abate

or have you desecrate 

Yet, HER weakness is your DETERMINATION 



EXISTENCE, the Essence of the Manifestation and Foundation of beings, can be your ASSET

Only when you take a harder look, understand, and take responsibility for what you can control "Your MINDSET"

Think of something great; make it a Revival

Act on what you think, make it Accessible 

Become what you think, Indestructible 



Thursday 2 February 2023


life is full of experiences, something that you need to learn.. but there is no experience without practicals.. and no practicals without a man.. We hit the rock so hard sometimes.. We create beautiful episodes sometimes.. Each of these are different experiences.. Experiences that we must be ready to learn. But when you fail to learn from them.. They will come again and again Each taking different shapes.. Make you staunted and even crawl... Until you learn to tackle and overcome.


Thursday 2 February 2023


I saw you were perfect..

and I loved your confidence, but I yearned 

to feel whole, so I made a fling...

You saw my ego, you smiled at my strength, you raised your brows and gave me a wink...

The night was blessed with cool breeze that gave rythms to cling..

I understood your manly display..

a peacock with a grandest massive tail 

who seek to explode me into fireworks of cigar..

though it seemed you had a golden star,

though it seemed you had all flowers dance to your guitar...

though it seemed you had fine jars and cars to make the tallest tree har..

but I am a crane in jakar..

my immunity from duty is my priority...

I seek no ideal instance.. 

I seek for a dirty dove to sour in comfort of our reality...

My beauty lies on being unapologetic..

I am a black night crane with no reverence for psychic..


Wednesday 5 October 2022


Unlike any other king, my father is the most powerful

He can build a mansion in seconds still he chose to be humble 

He prefers giving to taking for this is his principle 

Sacrificing himself selfishly just so I can live on

I remember the way he looked at me when he saw me sick

I could tell he was worried and  all he wished for was a speedy recovery 

I saw him folding his hands in prayer and blessings was all I felt descending 

Many times I wonder why the care is much 

So I do things intentionally just to see his wrath

But all I get from him are words of change and such

Which makes me feel guilty and emotionally touched

There was a time he left his throne and came to the street in rags

He heard and saw the bad guys who wanted me beaten to death

He fell and took the blows and bleeds from their knives for me

I couldn't help but scream my hatred for my painful lags

If I could do things over I'll live my life again 

and never take it for granted but live with joy and fain

For his hands are soft and kind and his eyes filled with love

He is the God of all gods and THE GREATEST FATHER EVER.


Sunday 25 September 2022

ONCE A LOVER, NOW A DEVIL by Richie Kharis

She told him "I hate you," but he took it as a joke

Her smile was deceiving and her voice was relieving

He only saw an angel with a figure like an eight

And never bothered to take note of her repeated joke


He told her, " Look, I love you—I'll take a blow for you."

But she looked at him smiling as if his words were untrue

Yes, I know, but I still hate you because that is what I do

Again, he waved, but this time those words came sinking through 

I see you working, defending me, and fighting for me

I never wanted this, but I knew the dark would come to be

Over the years, you kept thinking that I had agreed to this

But the fact is, I never loved your guts; I never loved you


His actions and wet eyes made her see him pure

He thought his childhood savior would be his future cure

But something can't be changed when it's already been done

Though he stood smiling, he was far gone for sure


Two years later, he was found wanting in the tavern

Playing hearts and breaking souls was his only mission 

He never cared about any feelings cause he had no reason 

was once a lover, but now a devil with no return 


Wednesday 21 September 2022


Many times they act like they are holy sanctimonious 

And every day they pray, but still they can not tell the change 

Another day comes hate for them, love is an easy exchange 

Yet far away behind their eyes lies the truth that may be strange 

Which is the story of two beings with no reverence but difference 

They swear to hate and kill their conscience and they welcome ignorance 

One sees the other as toxic, and the other sees her acerbic

Now we have two enemies that would never welcome amnesties 

They vowed to kill each other cause they were born in a different nation 

They think this big world isn't meant for miscegenation 

So they hurt various races that have different faces

Wishing there were no other but just them having graces

They failed to realize something pertinent that their lives are not theirs

Death comes in the dark with no warnings and no exceptions

Six feet buried is the soul they swore not to care

Yet The same ground finds their souls buried in despair 

Different colors, different thoughts, different flaws  but one people

Some may find this to be ugly but the reality is ugly.

The earlier we let go RACISM,  the earlier we save our children from dying

For there is no remedy to one nation without love and forgiveness.


Tuesday 28 June 2022


If there's anything you need to GUARD, it is your HEART
Your heart reflects your personality.

If there's anything you need to TRAIN, it is MIND
For your mind controls your thoughts, your feelings, and your understanding.

If there's anything you need to FEED, it is your SOUL
For your soul is responsible for your behavior.

If there's anything you need to be CAREFUL with, it is your MOUTH
For your mouth speak powerful words that come to play in your life.

If there's anything you need to LOVE, it is YOURSELF
For it is the only way to have self-worth, self-confidence, and true happiness.

If there's anything you need to WATCH, it is HUMANS
For they are the very thing you can never predict.


Tuesday 7 June 2022


On one count in our world where remedies are wanted

Yet vessels are found with no still soul

So much Pain is communicated in silence within the nation

but only among the likes that can understand its notion


The birds are crying for their safety yet standing on a dying tree

The fetus is kicking in the womb of a mother seeking a hideout at gunpoint

The children are struggling to sleep while their parents stand and watch

The authorities are calling for votes from a hungry nation with no peaceful homes


Where do we go from here?

What can we do to end the suffering and instill peace?

How can we stop the crying voice with a heavy heart?

When will the day stay forever?


Tell me the remedy to a painful heart where laughter can no longer make it smile?

Spell out the remedy for those wet eyes that beauty can no longer stop its drop?

Can you tell the remedy to a sad soul that music can no longer feed?

The rhythm is lost, yet the heart keeps dancing endlessly.


Let’s match the tone of love

Love can make the poor forget who they are

Let’s match the tone of love

For love can put away pride and the taste for violence

Let’s make this place our home again

By standing for others and standing with no ulterior motive

For the world revolves around and tomorrow is unknown



Wednesday 1 June 2022


Life has a strange way of getting to you

It may come from behind or directly to you

But there’s a place it'll never forget,

Your heart


Life gives hope

Life is beautiful.

But life can drain Your energy and leaves you walking like a zombie


If there’s one thing a dying man wants, is life

and if there’s one thing a depressed man no longer wants, is life


Life is tough

Life is rough

Life is good but

Can’t be seen as great.


Life has its sides

both dark and bright

which is necessary even though we hate the other side.


the dark times scare the hell out of us

the bright times make us act like we are the king of the world, only for that little while we get.


Do not play with your life

Because you can only live once

But play the life


For life is sweet.


Thursday 19 May 2022


I came into the world with my hands folded.

Yet they welcomed me with laughter and danced the sorrow away for tomorrow.

Soon, I could no longer walk with my four legs,

I became a little star, running around the field with two legs.


I sat inside a rolling box as we journeyed to the east 

not bold to tell anything about the strong black feet on-road miles 

I could only ask why the other stars ate with their fingers stained

because I was born with a golden nail.


Sooner or later, days turn into years,

And the sun was fun for me no more

I became one of the souls that trekked a thousand miles,

because the rolling box was sold for some cake.

The beauty was too wrinkled and old to hold my hands,

So, I held her instead of the more

I became the breadwinner of the day,

with my head spinning like a clock with no pay.


Then I remembered my little days

When I wouldn’t eat until my toy was bought,

But here I am pleading for the day to come with some bread

As I watched my old beauty smile at me


She said to me

The journey begins when the tree gives birth to its fruit and leaves it ripe.

Until the shell that covers its seeds is removed

The seed will always be blind.

But when its cover is removed,

It struggles to live or else it dies.


Then I saw the future dancing from afar

With less effort to come nearer

I realized life isn’t as it seemed when I was a child

For it was too easy than it is now.


Tuesday 10 May 2022


Some cry so loudly for this strange thing

Some fight with all they’ve got for the same thing

Some dream of it but haven’t seen

Some believe they will have it while they live on


A thing so powerful and so evil

A thing that turns the gentle into pride

something so peaceful and arrogant

A thing that makes the humble command


To many, it is the first thing they need,

With a solid heart, they shed blood to get it hard.

Many, wish it happened without a blink

Because this strange thing brings transformation.


But we all miss the big quest.

How does it transform its guests?

Who is ready for what it brings?

Because it changes most into what they never want to be.


Can you control this strange thing?

That robs or builds the greatest treasure from within

Can you speak and not be intimidated?

When it appears before your very face.

Will you allow your voice to be bought?

When it seeks for nothing but yours

Will, you still have a choice

When it does show its beautiful side?

Yes, what’s The strange thing

Money -the core of corruption.




Monday 2 May 2022

CONSCIENCE_Richie Kharis

Something natural

Something true

yet invisible

That’s not you


You were made wonderful but from the dust

You grow weak and your body whither

Yet one thing never dies, it’s only part of you


It yearns for goodness

It yearns for truth

It yearns for peace

It yearns all this from you


When you ignore and go on with your evils

It runs and hides but never depart

It awaits your return till your very last

When you turn good

It comes back to you

Now that’s your conscience

The treasure you possess




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