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Mathew Chiori
Sunday 12 January 2020


Last night was like a passion trapped on a bed
But life is turn by turn, pretty chocolate
Mine you've witnessed, in three rounds
but yours still to cum,
how long will I await your arrival ?
how long will I endure in this train station.

Since 8pm till 12am I've endured-
your craving upon cravings, to please this little crazy thing
backed with her soft roses touch and soundtrack that follows
when will you cum?
when will my dying man be set free

Pretty chocolate
man cannot but say that you are infinity indeed
Immortal am I neither
to cover this open grave
or your oncoming orgasm
tomorrow is another day whispered the door.


Mathew Chiori
Wednesday 23 October 2019


Our land will smile once more,

The word provoked the peasant


Mathew Chiori
Thursday 10 October 2019


Black skin glows
Tough and toxic we are,
The strength of the horse attached to the hoe of the earth.

The black head is far from light, he said.
The squirrel hole you should probe
Our hunchback distinct theirs,
Which pushes us back to our root, again and again.

Our affliction is born before the sun,
Even from the footage of the ancestors it lies
The mastermind of the rancorous vultures,
Feasting on a beautiful dream to come; I guilt them not.

Everyone grows a hunchback
The one leading our head in one direction
Then how can our eye see the sky
Or our ear be on the ground.

Who will hear me when I speak light?
Or see the infant light; untapped
When our families hunchback cries for attention
That draws us far from every step near.


Mathew Chiori
Thursday 10 October 2019


if our eyes are not blurred,
and our ears can still hear-
the ranting madness of the early morning cock.

then we say,
a cat had cried like a cat
and the early morning sun had smiled as usual.

but what if
the seer can't see
the hearer can't hear
and dogs welcoming thieves
to get tips

what do we call that.


Mathew Chiori
Tuesday 13 August 2019


If it is for her
Then I’ll kill my blame.
All men aren’t the same-
Her appearance speaks pain
But revenge is vain,
Emotion stolen,
Gate broken,
Oh, sweet tongue of mendacity!

God punishes love;
The rat eating your heel and fanning you.

I'd rather be
The Mississippi of tears for your sake.
Her hate hovers like tsunami.
Can I still love?

She laments.


Mathew Chiori
Tuesday 13 August 2019



You’ll won’t dare leave here
This canopy your savior
This wretched edifice
That secrets your dignity
And clothes you with honour

You’ll wont dare leave here
Not now, not this night
Not to be tossed around this hungry wolves
Deceitful and cunning are men
But my advice you must abide.


Mathew Chiori
Monday 12 August 2019


The fragments of diverse norms and traditions,
Scattered around the entity.
Glued by the colonial greed,
branded with a label, Ni-ge-ria.
We are not one, we are not one,
Since sixty seven till today.

For oneness is our strength,
Like lions to their prey.
Tribalism and nepotism you should kill,
for in their hands the keys to division.

This heritage of our forefathers,
Never a campaign to disunity,
but an instrument of love and harmony.

Come together, come all

north and south, east and west
Let hands wash hands,
In the river of unity and peace.
forget the hatred of the night,
and focus on the fragrance of Unity.


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Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

basit saba

basit saba
9/10/2019 3:03:27 AM

oh i nod
what a flood 
but i cant blame God

Madzivha Hector

Madzivha Hector
8/4/2019 7:57:18 AM

At this time of the year
Love is like an angry sea,
With waves coming from all the angles,
Making all relationship struggle,
Tearing relationships,
The same way waves tear ships.

Ebuka Nwachukwu

Ebuka Nwachukwu
5/20/2019 9:27:35 PM

The ocean is endlessness with a bottom that only God's feet can get to
The intensity of the waves can always tell us her mood

The waves of the ocean is an ancient dance
The people of the water understand its power

The waves of the ocean have seen the spirit of The Almighty
Only the voice of God can silence her tantrum

Alexander Adewole

Alexander Adewole
4/26/2019 5:00:08 AM

  A sailing tempest ship glides
     Through the tensed waves of the ocean
  And doubts my destination home.

By Adewole Alexander 

Bola Akin

Bola Akin
3/26/2019 2:29:25 AM

The stormy sea, the fear and the lost
Of dear ones amidst troubles
We shall sail to the coast.