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Taiwo Adewuyi
Wednesday 12 April 2023

The Celebrated Murderer

He climbs the podium,

Gleaming teeth like sodium

Pervading the air with odium

To deliver his missiles of saliva.

This god of thunder

Who confuses Oxford with blunder

Speaks of war and plunder,

And diving body and life asunder

The people clap

The people clap

They do not understand his

Well-spoken nonsense

But the people clap

The people clap

He descends to the bleeding soil

To shed more tears

To shed more blood

But from afar sounds an angry gun

The people run

And the people run

Blood flows from the man in streams

Producing a chant of endless screams

The people run

The people run

But the celebrated murderer lies alone

Now nothing, but a sculpture of skin and bone.


Taiwo Adewuyi
Wednesday 12 April 2023

The Flames of War

Tell me,

When you are done raging

Like a sea in tantrum

And beating a tiring tempo with

My eardrum

Will you gather the pieces of my happiness?

You are the the fire in harmattan

That consumes the forest

Will you burn every broken branch

The earth has ever born?

Tell me,

Can you bring my dead Love back to life?

Every time you stab my dying affections

With your two-edged tongue

Are you nursing them back to health?

You are the darkness that eats the sun at sunset

On the wood of my heart may soon dance

The black flames of war!

Dear troublemaker,

Can you masticate the ashes of my agony?

For now, the smoke rises

As the only indication of

Imminent crises

I rest my pen.


Taiwo Adewuyi
Wednesday 12 April 2023

You are not me, I am not you

You can see the rain

Falling out of my eyes

You can feel the pain

Pregnant with my cries

But you go your way

To give thanks on Sunday

That you are not me.

I am the homeless,

Who sleeps under a roof of stars

I am the blameless,

Who sighs silently behind bars

I am the orphan child,

Who lives like an animal in the wild

When I meet you

I ask why I am not you.

But you should not be me

Before you can see me

I am not invisible

Fully human as you are,


But, more blind

Than a bat

You do not mind.


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