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Biography: Ndife Esther is a 19year old poet, an ardent reader, a blogger and a podcaster. Easily intrigued and overly curious, she is always trying out new things and dropping quite the number as well. She has been writing from a young age on various genres but mostly poetry. Her first book, IN EVERY SHADE; a collection of poems is now available online. Get a copy now

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Esther Ndife
Thursday 17 December 2020

One angle from the basket

Lies, lies, lies

The only place to feel safe

Where words and worlds

Can be just as you wish them

For some moments

I would say not to blink

Or breath loud enough or it will break

Right in the arms of reality, awake

Good things never last

And nothing good is ever good enough to keep

We're all too small to see

Even with all the years and inch

We die stuck in where we begun

Living to give up the things we want

Pleasing to convince others of who we are

Lies, lies, lies

The salvation we have moulded

The only escape from the testing eyes

A satisfaction to the demanding ears

A world you can create for just you

Alone is the only way we can

Alone is the way we ought to live

Lies help break us free

A wall, a fence away from the pinch

For sometime.


Esther Ndife
Saturday 5 December 2020

In every shade - the book

In every shade is a collection of thirty-three poems written between the years 2018-2020, it covers various subject matters like mental freedom and growth, depression, acceptance, national issues, brooding thoughts, observations and lots more. Certainly worth a read for a curious mind, In every shade is a message filled book simply waiting to be explored. 

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Esther Ndife
Sunday 29 November 2020


Brown bushes and green roads

Clay houses and yellow doors

Unfed flowers and thirsty cars


That was all I ran from

The unforgiving dust

Words that binds

Minds that are blind

Stories in cages

Broken but still captives

Running yet unmoving

Saved but unsafe

Red houses and purple flowers

Tiled roads that all lead to churches

One day and a million choices

Growing memories and ever young faces

I have found the change

Not that I'm safe

But I'm out of the cage.


Esther Ndife
Friday 27 November 2020

The first journey

I was once afraid of words

Terrified of poorly written lines

Mystified over greatly written ones

More often drawn to my quiet lies


I chose voicelessness over feeling

The troubles of the mind aren't ruling

Often times mistaken

But not every thought needs voice


I understood the lines

Both in-between and the surface

There were sentences calling on my lips

Uncanny thoughts growing into verses


So I chose again

To learn or to run

To pick a wit or a pun

My path is still much unknown

But I have found that I'm not alone

And much decisions are not my own.










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