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Blessing Ogunyigbo
Friday 13 August 2021

Life Tracks

Ever wondered how memories spring,

Or how a sad moment flips to the good side,

Days that seem boring and mundane,

Spurs life tracks that we look back and view.

Ever wondered if an embarrassing scene in the present,

Might be the cause of laughters in the future,

Sitting around in cozy circles,

While recounting tales of an adventurous past.


Blessing Ogunyigbo
Tuesday 10 August 2021


Wished life didn't have to be so hard,

That the mere mention of a situation makes a day go bad.

Wished that there were insant wishes granted on a whim,

And our vessels of request answered filled to the brim.

Wished that every waking hour isn't started with groans of despair,

And thoughts of worrisome incidents that makes us fear.

Wished that unspoken words from the unconscious abyss of our minds,

The supplication of our weary hearts, solace and answers find.


Blessing Ogunyigbo
Wednesday 3 February 2021

A Proud Heritage

A proud race we are,

Shrouded in captivating mysteries,

Unexplained tales of old,

And puzzling heritages,

Our roots go deeper,

Handed down by our forebears,

Threaded into everlasting folds,

Woven into intricate pieces of history,

Pulsing with the delicate vigour of life,

We stand firm and tall,

Ethereal shades of skin defying nature's pixels,

Coursing peacefully like the river's tide,

Fiery magma of blood,

Soothing with impossible tranquility,

Yet volcanic in its anger,

We are who we are,

A proud race made by Eedua,

Unquenchable pedigree of the creator we are,

Conquerors and overcomers.


Blessing Ogunyigbo
Sunday 3 January 2021

The Crowned King

Olodumare crowned you,

Like the daring obas of old,

Undaunted and unshakable,

With hearts sculpted out of gold,

Ase and oro  were their best friends,

Dangerous yet mellow,

Empathetic and in-depth analysts,

Meekfaced like the proverbial lamb,

In all they were the brave ones,

Laying aside their troubles and ills,

Alase ekeji orisa they were called,

Due to their daring feats,

Eki Oba Alase.


Blessing Ogunyigbo
Sunday 20 December 2020

The Sunset.

Once at a crossroad,

Two figures met,

Clashing yet striking,

One, a blinding sensation of light,

Pulsing softly and hard at intervals,

The other a dampener on light's dazzling aura,

Cool and heavy with unnatural burdens,

Shrouded in gloom and darkness,

They met,

These great figures at a crossroad,

And stood watching,

To the mundane eyes,

A clashing of powers,

But to them,

A sad reunion of two lovers,

Forbidden to love,

Forbidden to touch,

For they compliment each other,

The very opposite of themselves,

But forbidden to meet,

For humanity sake,

So they watch on,

Longing and aching,

But no more than that,

Darkness reaches out to day,

But she shies back,

Afraid of the catastrophe that would be born,

Fleeing from her lover's face,

She cries and bleeds,

Darkness grief is poured out in volumes,

And the sunset is born,

A spectacular moment for the humans,

But a sad parting for the immortals.


Blessing Ogunyigbo
Wednesday 16 December 2020

The Human Rose

Staring at the world through albino lenses,

Sat a frail and delicate lass,

An epitome of beauty and grace,

With a pure heart of gold,

Tiny yet strong,

Fascinating and dangerous,

A deadly combination of beautiful and lethal,

A vessel full of kind intentions and joy to friends,

And a wrecking ball of danger to her foes,

She is called Rose,

The most alluring flower when handled with care,

But unpredictable in her ways.


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