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Saturday 13 April 2024

Laara Maaradiin

Once beside a time

On the isle of Diamonds

I had a nightmarish vision

real life in a trance:

A floating super being

floating down

From up above

the bluest sky

with her silk fins.

Behold an ugly scene

very serene

Like the scenery

and greenery.

Such a superwoman

should be up there

With her compeers;

the supergiant stars.

I stood mouth opened,

weak and weary

Of nature’s August


When she passed through

me like a grain of light

With malicious rhythmic

Steps, my boss lady.

Then I said lovephire

and she smiled

Walking like

a rolling breeze.

Goatish grace–

I stood heart opened

starring at her ‘frontage’

Having viewed

Her ‘backyard,’

the seat of power.

Ohda! I screamed

like a yelling moon:

What a being?

Half human, half goddess

and both!

I became powerless

I was lost, only to be


In her world,

a world apart

Dreaming dreams

and taking stocks

Of the rarest woman, the

most swagalicious and


a woman's woman.

Her radiant body,

a delicacy spiced with

milk and honey;

Curvy, yet golden,

appeared ecliptical-like.

A long pointed nose like a

two-edged sword, and

A lightning eye to

terrorize the hardest

of hearts to submission.

As fresh as afternoon dew;

her well-carved shape

Like lovephire and sapphire,

refreshed my memory:

She is my lost but found

world, a maffy-wiffey


Who had kidnapped

my heart

Making my world

a wordless world;

My ‘Area mama,’ my



an all-in-one woman.           


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