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Saturday 20 April 2024 Lifecology

I google to know if

my life

is a living or non living



I facebook my life!

My life is splited

into two halves:

50% of my living life

50% of non living life-

Halfsad, halfhappy,

facing the realities of life

And discovering, life!

like a computer

Gives exactly what

has been programmed to it:

You reap what you



As I’m talking to you

I’m viewing my reflection

in the mirror

It is me, me

my original self


Just yesterday, I entered

into the mirror

To bleach myself

so I could become green

Like the green folks, but

I couldn’t change or

cheat nature.


I asked instagram

If I’m a star

Or if my life

is well programmed

I discovered that

Some were born of stars

while others were

self-made –

We are all stars

but to shine is entirely

your choice.  


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