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Aisha Ishaq
Friday 24 May 2024

Love is strange

Love is a very strange feeling 

It makes you breathless and keeps you on your toes 

Love is crazy 

Love is weird 

Love is overwhelming 

Isn’t it my dear?

It made me breathless 

Kept me on my toes 

It made me crazy

It made me weird and it’s overwhelming 

I am now here in dark and the air is suffocating me 

Isn’t it crazy that it suffocates me because you are not in here with me 

I want you to be here with me to inhale the same air you do 

Do you agree with me my love that love makes you weird and crazy 

Now i can see the tears on my cheek again 

Haven’t i seen them enough?

Do you agree with me my love that love is overwhelming 

Is this really love ?

Yes it is i agree with me 

My love for you is endless 

I see you my love 

That this love you have for me is overwhelming and it makes you crazy too 

Have i told you that love is beautiful ?

That love is amazing and peaceful 


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