Goziem Onugha

Biography: Goziem Onugha is a Legal Practitioner by studies, an African Development Enthusiast, African Writer, Cultural Activist and a Women's Rights Activist by passion. Goziem's African writing prowess is predominant in the world of Fiction and Poetry.

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Goziem Onugha
Tuesday 28 April 2020


Africa is that mighty warrior whose strength can never be overcome even by the firmest grip of corruption

Neither can it be underscored by the antics of Dike

Her arms unfurl in welcome

In her bosom lies paradise

The fullness of her arms depict so much love

So much love have your fifty-four children savoured all these years

All other nations of the world are ken to the warmth in your arms, that is why the Greek calls you Aphrike




You have indeed watched over us right from our conception

Even in our old age, you have still cared for us like we are a-day-old children

You have not taught us to steal

You have not taught us to covet

You have not taught us to betray righteousness with selfishness

Neither have you taught us not to give priority to lives

But we have dwelt in all these for so long

We must have learnt these bad behaviours from our neighbours



In all these, you have not ceased your love from us

May the earth forbid that we put your persistent love to ridicule, Mother

Some of your children are making progress

Some have maybe not realized their mistakes

But surely, we stagger towards the tenets of your teachings


Mother, oh Mother!

Let the tenderness of your heart lead us through

May we cause peace to reign amongst us

May the gladness that comes from sincerity be ours



Goziem Onugha
Tuesday 28 April 2020


I remember the times it rained heavily

When I held love from my mother’s care

I miss sitting at the kitchen’s passage stealing from mama’s kitchen activities with a gaze

That was food she made, yes, love

But love I saw, love I knew, love I felt

Mama made food, but seldom ate food

Her goal was to feed me, us

Us…knew mama had so much food to give, yes, so much love to give

Such eagerness to feed me, us

That fulfillment from, mama, thank you, I want some more

Food was little, but the quantity was enough for us, but mama.


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