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Uchechukwu Obiakor
Tuesday 5 July 2022

The Lion Heart.

How meticulous can you be?.

Have you seen a lion prepare for a hunt?

it is the coordinated strategy and planning for me.

I dare say that it is better to plan and fail than succeed without planning 

because, that would just be a shred of luck and you won't be able to document or replicate your winning strategies for posterity.

The world stand in confusion because we have more people who are not interested in the process rather they hunt for an easy way out with no vision or nothing to preserve for the generation to come.

The lion passes on it's hunting strategies to it's cub, they watch and learn and practice and become even better hunters, that is why a cub is chased out of it's pride at a certain age and never to return because they have been armed with the requisite skills and strategy for survival. 

Lion heart says, be thoughtful, intention, meticulous , patient. A lion can observe a flock of herd for hours without making a move but keeps observing and looking for weak and a perfect opportunity to strike,

A lion is driven by hunger, a hunger to be better, to quench it's taste for success, but unfortunately, this hunger cannot be quenched because a Lion is always hungry and stays hunger intentionally to be better and climb limitless ladder of success.



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