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Abdulrasheed Olamide Jinodu
Monday 10 August 2020

The Earth and the Starry Heavens

I am a son of the Earth and Starry Heavens.

It has been ingrained in me that nothing is impossible,

As long as my determination remains strong,

And my will remains eternal.

I am a son of the Earth,

All Flora and Fauna work in my favor,

The roaring gale will never hurt me,

The raging waves will never harm me,

The explosive flames will not do me harm,

The destructive thunders shall not smite me.

The starry Heavens is my home.

The sight of the glorious nebula fills me with joy,

The unending and ever-flowing river of stars makes my heart leap.

The numerous constellations calm my soul.

I behold the fiery orb of light,

Solis, the ever-burning sun,

Shining its light across a great distance,

The gigantic cosmos with its myriad of living things,

Everything revolves around the delicate balance between Yin and Yang.

Order in chaos,

Chaos in order.

The cold, pale light of Evenstar shines on my body,

Evenstar!! The bright Moon of the Earth,

Taking control of the night,

Casting its light on the giant blue star - Earth.

The cosmos is an incredible thing.


Abdulrasheed Olamide Jinodu
Friday 7 August 2020

Message to Myself


Time is fleeting, fickle and without mercy.
Laying its wicked hands on everything and everyone;
Nothing escapes the scourge of time.

To my past, younger self,
You grew up too fast,
Making so many mistakes on your journey.
I don't blame you, you were young and inexperienced,
Everything was done and achieved through trial and error.
You had to make the tough calls yourself,
You had to be your own role model and your own superhero.
Tough life indeed.

To my present, youthful self,
Your life isn't the best out there,
You're still groping around blindly in the dark,
Still solving everything through trial and error,
I hope you make better choices when it's time to make the tough calls.
Growing up is a bother,
But you're stronger than you know.

To my future, older self,
I don't know what awaits you,
But I know you'll definitely conquer,
Your warrior's heart is not dead yet.
Remain wild, free and untamed.
Have fun without inhibitions.

© Zero


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