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Feyikemi Olajide
Sunday 5 September 2021


There she goes 

Her steps steady

Her gaze fierce 

Her gait strong 

She exudes confidence 

She does not waver

She does not cower 

She faces fear 

And looks him eye to eye 

She is a woman 

And she is proud of who she is 


Feyikemi Olajide
Saturday 27 March 2021

The danger I love

Standing, I stood.
Aware I was, of the danger heading my way.
But danger had never looked this beautiful
This captivating, this enthralling.

So I stood, aware.
Even as the danger crept in one step after the other,  one pace followed by another.
Faster it approached, it was barely noticeable before but now I see it, in its full glory.

I see the pain, I see the betrayal, I see the heartbreaks, I see the lies.

Run girl, run, run for your life, I screamed in my head. But my feet were rooted to the ground, my eyes fixed on my fast approaching demise.

Never for once did I close my eyes, the danger looked too pretty to lose sight of.
I kept watching, with my heart open.
A girl afraid, scared, vulnerable, but I kept it all aside and faced the danger.

Please I begged, don't hurt me, don't destroy me, don't shatter me. Please I cried.
The danger never stopped, the pain was incoming.

Finally I closed my eyes, for the sight wasn't as beautiful as it once was, the end was near.

With shaking feet and trembling arms, I said my last prayers and embraced the danger.


Feyikemi Olajide
Saturday 23 January 2021

Cry....And Let Me See


Cry and let me see

Let me see your tears 

As they roll down your face 

Large drops 

White and crystalline

Some of it making its ways to your lips


Cry and let me see

You saying you are in pain is not enough consolation

I want to see the pain in your eyes

Open your chest and let me see your heart as it breaks


Cry and let me see

Let me see as you curl into a ball

The pain too much to bear

Let me see as you gnash your teeth

I want to see you gasp for breath

I want to hear as the cry escapes from your lips

Cry and let me see

Let me hear the sound of your heart breaking 

Let me see you hurting 

For you deserve it and more 

You deserve every pain you feel

You deserve any form of brutality that comes your way


You hurt me 

You hurt me badly 

You took away my control

You didn’t listen 

I kept saying NO, NO, NO





I was in agony 

I was in pain 

It hurt

It hurt so badly


You never listened 

You forced your way on me 

You forced your way into me 

You left me in my pain 

I closed my eyes in shame 


I couldn’t walk on the street 

Without someone looking and pointing 

I learned to grow my hair longer

To cover my face from the penetrating stares


You took away my ability to love

I couldn’t look past my hatred for all guys

I met nice men, good men, God fearing men

But any time I looked at their faces 

Dark skinned, light skinned 

All I felt was hatred 

I had nothing to give but my hatred


I felt dirty

I felt cheap

I felt lost 

I felt tired 

I felt disappointed 

I wouldn’t stop crying 


My parents got tired of trying

They were practicing ways of telling me all will be fine without their eyes lying 

They also had to deal with the stares and the unwanted attention they got on the streets

“Look there goes the mother of the raped girl” they all whispered


Cry please and let me see

You took away the chance of my father ever walking me down the aisle 

They cry you know

My parents cry

Every night, when they don’t think I am watching 

They cry


So you see why you need to cry

You ruined me

Physically, emotionally

 You ruined me 



You need to cry

But let me see


I need this pain to go away

I need it to stop hurting this much

But before I end it all

I need to see the tears roll down your face 

So cry 

And let me see


Feyikemi Olajide
Thursday 21 January 2021

I Am Me

 It is funny the amount of stories you can tell when you look in a person's eyes

Its scary what you see when you truly look behind the smile

It is upsetting what you feel when you hold their hands and walk in their paths

Because I smile does not mean all is fine 

Stop assuming 

And start asking

I am more than what you see

I am more than what I say 

I am what you see when you look deeper than the surface

I am what you hear when you listen beyond what I say

I am me 

But with a little extra


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