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chibuike ikechukwu Emmanuel
Friday 23 October 2020


I have witness the birth of a new country

I have witness the birth of a new nation

I have witness the birth of the new people

I have witness the birth of a new Nigeria


My people have stand up for their right

My people have unite as one

My people have seen through the back of a mirror

My people have seen the future at once


The street have been bath with blood

The earth have welcome the new heroes of my country

The soil have taste the blood of the youth

The earth have ear the cry of our fallen heroes  


Today the 20th day of October 2020

We have given birth to a new people

We have given birth to a new nations

A nation that stand as one on the earthly soil

We have given birth to a new country

A new Nigeria is born           


chibuike ikechukwu Emmanuel
Thursday 22 October 2020


We are putting on our new suit

Like we are support to put on

Lazy youth he called us

But we aren’t lazy at all

I know sooner or later he will take back that words

This is the time has he have promise

Change! Change!! Change!!!

On the second tenion

He shouted next level!

Now our next level is the blood in the street  

Is the dead bodies on the street?

Is my injured brother and sisters in the hospital?

We saw them with their gown running for their lives

We saw them on social media running for their safety

With their gown of trouble.


chibuike ikechukwu Emmanuel
Wednesday 21 October 2020


The people are no more save

The government are ruling with violence

No mercy the said no more pity

The people are fighting for their right

Twenty days after the independence celebration

Now the flag is stain in blood of my brothers and sister

They have no hope for my people

They have no plan for my people

They have no mercy for my people

Shooting at my people

Killing of my people

Destroying of my family

That all they are good at the government have no mercy for us

We have been suffering for years

We have been struggling for years

All is in vain the army who are support to protect us now shoot us

The police who are support to protect our lives now take them

The government who are meant for us are now against us

No mores SARS no more SWAT no more police brutality.


chibuike ikechukwu Emmanuel
Thursday 25 June 2020


You really scared me with your humor

You really scared my little heart

I feel like running out of line and words

Speaking with her sparkling eyes

But full of pains benefit the sound

I sense nothing but death coming closer

Like the days get older anytime the clock tick.

I have never discover it was like a time bomb

 Set aside to get me explode

Get me the doctor call me a vehicle

Let me take her out for treatment

They all steer at me like a mirror waiting for her

To give up so they could celebrate for their mission

They are the real enemy I knew waiting for

The right time to strike they are the real serpent

Waiting for the right time to bit

They cannot bit this one she is only my dying mother


I wish she get well soon.


chibuike ikechukwu Emmanuel
Friday 19 June 2020


Stock by the rain drops
Stock by thunder roar
Hiding like a visitor in the neighbor's compound

When will this rain stop?
When will the lazy rain give ways?
When will I get to work?

Hey lazy rain I know it your time
To bless the earth and plant
I know it your time to shower blessings on us like prayer

But you have to give way for a moment so I can get to the office
I have no other means of income
Even corona virus have set the earth on fire

The government have us lock up like rats
In a cage without food or water
My people her hungry and sad
I am tired of sitting idle I am tired of waiting for you to stop
I am waiting for you lazy rain
Because duty calls and I have to answer.


chibuike ikechukwu Emmanuel
Friday 12 June 2020


She almost have me killed

For my loving heart I though she was in love

But she was only here For Revenge

Of her past lover

She now made me the river of tears and sorrow she now

Made me the element of grieve and fighter

Fake lover she was only to me feel the pain of her broken heart

She was only to tear my heart apart

She was only to destroy me in pieces

She deceive me only to capture my Heart

She is for real a fake lover, only here to melt my heart

Only here to make me feel bad about others

All she says was I want you to share part of the cake

I want you to also share the pain cause me by other

I call her fake lover.


chibuike ikechukwu Emmanuel
Tuesday 2 June 2020

The raining days

Why talk about the raining days when summer have just arrive

Why talk about the raining days when we have a lot to do in this moment of ours.

Life have given us lot of days but my raining days, they are like my lazy days on earth where tears and sadness fill my heart like river when even the sun smile seems dangerous

The days when I lost to love and hope a day where happiness is nowhere to be found a day like no other a day where tears is the only companion I have, days without hope days without joy days without happiness a day without favor or peace of mind days like this are not to be prayed for days like this are not to be expected days like this are not to be creates hope not for the raining days. 


chibuike ikechukwu Emmanuel
Monday 1 June 2020


My days on earth are numbers 

My smile are countless

My words are adorable

As my smile meet your

Your face is all changed 

It seems like you have wear a mask

Smile with hope 

Smile with happiness

So we can stand with courage

I have live a thousand days 

But our life cycle is cover in Years and century

Smile now, smile when you still live 

Not when we are no more.


chibuike ikechukwu Emmanuel
Monday 1 June 2020


A seed buried deep

In the soil soil

Lay fast asleep like

A new born baby

Wake up the sound

Of the rain drop

Wake up the southern

Weeds called

As the sun smile

The plant rose up

And feel the southern 

Wind of beauty

As the sun bless 

The green leaves 

With a ray of peace

A new plant awake.


chibuike ikechukwu Emmanuel
Thursday 28 May 2020

Life is like melody

Why is life so precious?

Why is life so mine?

Why is life so beautiful?

Why is life so dangerous?


Life is not like ferry tales

Life is not, cock and bull story

Life is not all about melody

Life is not a game


Why do we die?

Why do we live?

Why do we love?

Why are we here? 


Life is like a story we have to tell

Life is like a music we have to sing

Life is like that lovely sound from thy sea we have to listen

Life is like melody we have to sing along


chibuike ikechukwu Emmanuel
Monday 25 May 2020

A Life For A Life

I have all here with me
I have them all within me
I have kept them save

The deed that you have done
The home that you have destroy
The heart that you have broken

I have told you many times before now
I have read them all to your earing
I have nothing to say anymore to you

They are all coming back for you
They are coming to take it back from you
They are going to take it from you a life for a life


chibuike ikechukwu Emmanuel
Monday 25 May 2020

Mama Africa

Helo african mother
mothers of wisdom
Mother of goodness
Mothers of beauty
Mothers of kindness
Mother that have the through secret of their children
mothers that know you before you are raise
Mama africa I called the purity of heart like the breeze of africa
mothers of mothers
Stronger than the eagle
the lioness of africa
The black black diamond of the world
Mama africa I call you


chibuike ikechukwu Emmanuel
Monday 25 May 2020

Eagle eyes

Her eyes like the morning sun
Her face like the sun light
She was like an eagle above the sky
Looking for the right place to stay
Looking for the right heart to enter
I have seen her long before today
I have love her long time ago
Her heart is large like the sea
Her voices cool as the morning breeze
With are sharp straight eyes like an eagle
I wish I have lot of time I will have to talk about her
She was as gentle like a dove
With her lovely eyes like the sky
Her eyes can see every sport
She was as silence like the cobra
She is for real eagle eyes


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