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Biography: I'm seems like a regular way to introduce one's self but really that my name and I'm not the regular kinda girl..... anyways, I'm an agronomist....I love baking and I have always had a thing for writing so I'm not surprised I stood hopelessly in love with poetry.... don't blame me ......for the love of poetry and God majorly

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Joyce Chinda
Sunday 20 June 2021


Slowly the tears escaped your eyes

Quick punches too fast for time to keep

You are strong but just don’t know it

For every cut that gave room to dripping blood

Hate to say it but he is a monster you just don’t see it

Like pendulum you sway to his every mood

He is responsible for his actions don’t you get it

You sweep his wrongs under the carpet like broom

It won’t get better, accept it

His words have molded your worth

Scarred body covered up in cloth

Stay or leave

This is not a game of choice

Leave or your body might just one day get as cold as ice.


Joyce Chinda
Friday 18 June 2021


Like  leaves in autumn

I’m fallen, Brown and dry

There is no life left in me

Can’t see green

Colorless is the painting of my life


Need you more than ever


Thought I could make it on my own

Grounded and tossed by the wind

With no direction

It doesn’t make any sense

Conversation with you always ends up in tears

Maybe it’s me

Maybe it’s fine

Cos I prayed and believe

For you to pick me up and mend me

Piles of questions left unanswered

Files unopened

Behind closed doors I’m losing my mind

Feels like you are playing mind games with me

Hit me with all my wrongs if that’s what it takes

I admit to my mistakes 

 but your silence…. I can’t bear

Please don’t say  I’m d one unable to hear

Staring blankly into the open space 

Lost in thoughts

is nothing compared to the emptiness I feel within

I’m a mess


This is no hogwash

Suicide is not an option

 fill the vacuum within 

Can’t be away from you I need you

To fix me.


Joyce Chinda
Wednesday 16 June 2021



It doesn’t matter,

Lies I told myself

Tried to fit in so many times

World is a large place but words with no wisdom

Joy said I’m a sadist

Her extroverted world is too little to fit into my large personal space


Someone I have never really given a chance to express

Daniel says have fun but at same time be wise

I have been beaten thrice not twice

Happy I took my shots with Stephen but it backfired

Promise I’m not a slot

I have dealt with a lot

There was osborne, sizuwe and Micheal

I miss my friends

I know life is not for the weak

I’m on the rise to the peak

Really I’m not a sad being

Sizuwe said  care less

So this is me uncensored


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