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Biography: I am a Christian, a proud Yoruba boy and someone who is passionate about writing poems that are didactic and morally uplifting. I am on Facebook and Twitter: @IdOroye

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Idowu Oroye
Monday 14 March 2022


Like petrol,

coming from a place of refining,

from crude to refined.

Like petrol,

propelling others, burning yourself,

using every energy to the last pint.

Like petrol,

when you are done burning yourself,

they refill, pick another petrol.


Unlike petrol,

never leaving the place of refining,

continuing steadfastly day by day.

Unlike petrol,

prioritising your growth first,

even as you stand up for others.

Unlike petrol,

refilling yourself by yourself,

staying filled, always relevant.


Idowu Oroye
Thursday 24 February 2022


More coals to the gleeds, 

And more speed for the steeds,

Slumbering for the fire,

To burn on the pyre.


Time and time again on wings,

Flies time through climes,

Seasons with the birds cling,

Sing impatient rhymes.

A new day bursts unclouded,

Life again comes unshrouded,

Carried on eagle's flight,

Hurries to dark night.


Bring visions anew,

Keep pace with time's heels,

Play wisdom a cue,

Make efforts go on firm reels.


Idowu Oroye
Sunday 4 April 2021


To the Tree, He was condemned,

like a callous kleptomaniac.

Castigated and scorned by

a cackle of cacophonic voices.

Clamours and clanging...

clanging of corrupt tongues.

Away, they led Him to

the welcoming Cursed Cross.

For ages, this Cross has borne criminals, 

The condemned offenders that roamed the streets.

A symbolical structure of falseness, 

Of corrupt mortals punishing cursed beings.

The Cross welcomed a new Curse -- with ecstasy,

A quintessence now is being laid on it.

So many sins on this One crucified, 

A once-in-a-lifetime grace for the Cross.

Amidst pains; amidst sufferings; amidst hell; amidst the dead;

The Curse crawled along.

To Victory; to Redemption; to Rebirth; to Grace;

The Curse turned around.

Christ, He became, ascended into Glory,

And the Cursed Cross crossed over.

No longer a symbol of affliction, but, 

A monument of Grace that saves.

Galatians 3:13

Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:



Idowu Oroye
Tuesday 9 February 2021


Mo fẹ́ d'ogún, mo fẹ́ d'ọgbọ̀n nílé ayé,

Ọjọ́ a bá p'ojúdé náà l'ódìgbóóṣe.

Òtítọ́ sì ni wípé:

Ogún tí ò d'ògún

lé gbọ̀n t'óbá d'ọgbọ̀n,

Tàbí kóta l'áàdọ́ta.

Bí kò sì rún l'ọ́gọ̀rún,

Á rún títí ọ̀ọ́dúnrún.


Àsìkò wa nílé ayé - bi idì tí ń fò,

Ọjọ́ ayé wa - àfi bí àlá,

Àní Elédùà nìkan l'ó mon ẹní máa là.

Kìkì kí á ti ṣe rere,

K'á sì gbé pèlú ìmọ̀ yíì wípé:


Bí ìgba wa láyé bá tilẹ̀ jẹ́ ọ̀pọ̀lọpọ̀ ogún,

B'ótile wù k'ógùn tó,

Ìṣeun ìfẹ́ wa l'áyé ọmọlàkejì,

Òun nìkan ṣáà l'ogún tó dárajù

t'a le fi sílẹ̀ nígbà

t'ẹlẹ́kò ọ̀run bá polówó síwa.



The quest to be rich and famous,

Calls farewell when our eyes close.

And this is true:

A twenty that is not rusty

can get shaky by thirty,

Or be burning at fifty.

And if it is not blasted at a hundred,

It sure will, before three hundred.


Our time here - as an eagle that flies,

Our life - like a dream.

The Almighty alone knows who will succeed. 

Only for us to do good,

And live knowing that:


If our lifetime is many twenties,

No matter how plenty,

Our benevolence and charity

alone is the best heritage

we can part with,

When death calls unto us. 


Audio version available on Audiomack:



Idowu Oroye
Friday 5 February 2021


Gods of our land, this is Kola! 

Food by your very own hands baked, 

Which breathes life into us. 

He who brings Kola brings life, 

Here in my hands is Kola. 

May hospitality never leave us, 

May peace forever in our abode reside. 

May our brothers never betray us

and let our sisters in cordiality bask. 

May the osùn on our sisters' faces

always delight us. 

Let there be man and woman, boys and girls,

Affront your altar may we stand in holy matrimony, 

And may Ọ̀sun bless our wombs

with great children. 

May there be life here

and in our neighbour's obi,

May our own òbí never mourn us. 

Olódùmarè, may your eyes shine on us always, 

Let Ògún's iron shield cover us, 

Ọbalúayé on us breathes health, 

And Sàngó's thunder pour rainfall. 

He who brings Kola brings life, 

In my hands here is Kola. 

May it always keep our souls alive,

Now and when we breathe away life. 




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