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Steve Steve anc
Monday 13 December 2021

Nothing last forever


There comes a time—

When blue will depart from the sky, 

And red will deny roses;

A time—

When the green will no longer appeal to the grass.

And the  face that glows will gloom;

But who knows when?!


At birth, we bloom as the bird,

Flying from dawn to dusk without fainter hue;

Twinkling and flickering our tails as twinkle stars.

Sometimes, like the hummingbird, we gladly sang:

Cause we had no case against the sky,

Nor any  grudge against the cold;

Neither wonder why the moon atop,

But always wander with a bottle of merriment.

But there comes a time—

When sunlight will seem less bright,

Hummingbird will  less gladly sing;

And hills will appear steeper. 


Nothing last forever!


Steve Steve anc
Monday 28 October 2019

Drenched in esctacy

Drenched in esctacy
Steve Anc

I know a city where everything is blissful A garden where the lilies of the Incas blossom Where Titan arum dispense unresistable redolent Sunshine lingers as radiance of Betelgeuse And the trees shade as petals of Bald cypress.

I know of a girl from the city Who despatchs happiness as a sweet savor Fairer than morning star and far more blithesome Her eyes are heaven lit with bliss Her face can ignite the hollow'd heart Her eyes gleam and gleam indefatigably.

I know of a Dede, cold, abderite and gloomy all day long One who toil from region to tropics in search of meaning Until, his brave mournful eyes grew weary Then he seeks the stars, pedals in silent, with guidance of the moon, in search for the city.

I know of a land desolate and strange to inhabit Devoid of hope at a glance Lodg'd between ocean tides Yet liberat'd as a swift with her eyes And sing as the only voice of the land Because she is been drench'd in estacy from her city!


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