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Victor Ogan
Tuesday 2 March 2021

Only Human

I think what I don't want to think

I feel what I don't want to feel

I desire what I don't want to desire

I've done what I didn't want do

Every second, minute and hour is a new me

Changing like a chameleon

I've made bad decisions

That doesn't make me bad

I've done lesser good

But I'm not a saint

I'm only human

Don't make me feel less

I'm only human

Don't paint me as a monster

No one's perfect, so don't ask it from me

I don't want to live up to your dreams

Cause apart from you calling me good, there's no gain

I was never misled cause I have no dog chains on my collar

You don't know me, the tears I've shed, the fears I've felt

The heat in my head, the churnings in my stomach, the pain on my skin,

Unable to get out of bed, afraid of each passing day

So how dare you judge me?

I'm only human 

Don't make me feel less

I'm only human

Don't paint me as a monster

No one's perfect, so don't ask it from me

I'm not perfect, I'll never be

But if perfection is what you desperately desire

Then please by all means build yourself a robot

But it won't be perfect too


Victor Ogan
Sunday 28 February 2021


If life was easy

Wishes would come true

If life was easy

One won't have to work hard

If life was easy

One can easily control his thoughts and feelings

If life was easy

Every question one asked will be answered

If life was easy

We'll have all our desires at our beck and call

If life was easy

One won't have to go through years of rigorous training and learning just to become something in life

If life was easy

I'd have all the knowledge I need

If life was easy

Creativity will be as easy as the air I breathe

If life was easy

I'd have one or two life changing inventions to my name

If life was easy

I'd be at the Top of Forbes Magazine

If life was easy

Man would have wings to fly

If life was easy

No one would make mistakes

If life was easy

Then man would live forever

If life was easy

Then it wouldn't be so unpredictable

If life was easy

Then it wouldn't be so complicated

If life was easy

Then it wouldn't be interesting


Victor Ogan
Saturday 27 February 2021


We sing their praises

They curse our very existence

We are One we say

The only reason they'll stay United is in order to suck and crush us down to our very bones

We love and receive them with open arms

They hate our very sight, hacking us to pieces with every chance

We are human

Being a snake was the closest they came to being human

To us pricking our fellows with a finger nail is bad

To them, if your not one of their kind indeed a chicken is more honourable

It's no use

Why force love were there is none

Why create family ties where there are no blood ties

Are we not fools

Standing up for them in the crowd

Watching their very backs

While they dig a pit for us to fall into

Some of us have woken up

We've understood the times

It's Time to move on

Sadly, the majority don't see it that way

They still believe in a humanity that is lost

A civilization long buried at the foundations of the world

Salvation last seen before the first word of the Bible was written

There's no coming back for these people

They've undergone evolution

They've metamorphosed unlike any man

A certain mutation

From Man to a strange beast

A beast with no beating heart

If stone filled its place, it would have been better

But it's empty, lacking that facility which could have been softened

Indeed the writings are clear as the blue sky

We are not one

We are not family

And there should be no love between us

We should have a distance between us as far as the East is from the West

It's the only way we can stay alive


Victor Ogan
Friday 26 February 2021


It's a confusing world says I

Years ago, you were once my friend

There was always a joy when you saw me

Twas the same for me too

We used to talk 'til the morning

We were inseparable

I could have sworn the same blood flowed in our veins

You were a friend someone I could lean on

Someone who always advised me and looked after my heart

With you I could never look lost in a crowd

The moment had come we got separated by time, environment and distance

I got your number tried to reach out to you

You were never there

Voice mails left delivered

Messages unread

Calls Forwarded

It's unreal how the world is changing everyday

I never knew it could change us

It hurts knowing that you've moved on without me

Not that I'm unhappy about your success

Having been once the closest to your heart, it's quite the contrary

I just wish I could be part of it all too

I wish we could have journeyed this road of life together

I offering my shoulder for you to lean on

Cleaning your tears when you cry

Picking you up when you fall, knowing you'd do the same for me

I just have to move on, Cause you've already moved away

I was once the first thing on your mind,

Now I'm not even on your mind

My name doesn't ring a bell

My face is among the countless stars you've forgotten

Like the once you saw up in the sky when you were 3 years old

I know there's no single emotion left for me

We are now strangers

But I know we'll be alright

I'll keep holding on to the best of us

But you've left all that in the past


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