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Samuel Afehe
Sunday 2 May 2021


The plug

The socket




Does it really exist

For these reasons really scares me.

Neither them?

Another dimension till the kingdom come

We be loving each other

Don't threaten me

We under his wheels

Together till eternity.

We glow

We grow

Trying to get a breath so our afir can survive.

Mr God?

Ask Mr God

For what he is can only put as under

Till the kingdom come

We live along

He gets along

He lives among


Samuel Afehe
Thursday 22 April 2021


* Swelling in the half of the dusk asthough wounded

* As I clamor in my top to no one's hearing. 

* Wizards with swingled faces already on  top edges of the bed, 

* I am now in a dusky world with the menace with head engorged like nose bleading. 

* Heaven, have you ever been to it, that's just how it feels.

* Most times, the feeling comes like an owls' hoot hoo sound, 

* what a black night

*with shadows of darkness running at the overside of the mind

* I wish only the sage felt thesame width and height

* at nights the heart turns red.

* God as good, are you really there for the entity

* for black is the trench my body rest

* while the dark minded fess with joy only thoughts of vanity. 

* I praise whatever god's may be for my Indomitable body to rest

* and it matters not how near the savior stands.

* out of the night that favors  me,

* the wicked scrambles in anxiety

* and pleads for a quiet lifetime place to be. 

* what vanity

*Their heads are bloody and bowed in  anguishes.

* invictus is me, 

* the seventh night is bad ever  for the evil eye. 

* solo for me is to be

*as the evil endeavors cast bye_bye.

*I am now the unmoved mover and beyonds. 


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