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Chimamanda Chukwu
Thursday 24 March 2022

Sunset at predawn

SUNSET AT PREDAWN..: by Chukwu Chimamanda

Before sunrise, before your time

Twas no surprise, you had that chime

But like eggs on a lawn, your doom was spawn

Your sun had set at predawn

Before today, twas an array

To fade away, for fate's answer was "nay"

How one with such brawn, now frail as awn

Your sun had set at predawn

You gave up so fast, too sure you'd come last

In grief were you cast, a victim of your past

As pale as fawn, so far from the sun

Your sun had set at predawn

For nothing but greed did you so concede

Unstable as reed, entangled as tweed

By the plans you had drawn were you also torn

Your sun had set at predawn

For a soul so blue, for the past you rue

A chance to be new is given to you

From what was your fall will you recall

Your sun was set at predawn


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