Emmanuel Edoghotu

Biography: Multidisciplinary, Writer, advocate of human psyche. Delving into mysteries of human uncharted territories of the mind, weaving science & art for growth 🌿

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Emmanuel Edoghotu
Sunday 5 November 2023


In the depths of thought, where secrets reside,

Your minds don't mind, they wander wide.

Exploring realms of dreams and desire,

Unleashing creativity, setting souls on fire.

In the labyrinth of ideas, they dance and play,

Unfolding stories in a captivating array.

From the whispers of the past to the dreams of tomorrow,

Your minds don't mind, they transcend sorrow.

They paint with colors unseen by the eye,

Creating masterpieces that touch the sky.

With every thought, a universe unfolds,

Where imagination reigns and stories are told.

Your minds don't mind the boundaries of time,

They travel freely, weaving words into rhyme.

Unlocking doors to infinite possibilities,

Where the limits of reality cease to be.

So embrace the power within your mind,

Let it soar and explore, unconfined.

For in the depths of thought, you will find,

A world where your minds don't mind.


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