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Paul Olayimika
Sunday 12 June 2022


Muffled rhythmic sound of democracy's drum beaten.

In our land it has become a totally lost stranger;

Yet, shamelessly we wave its tainted flag on.


As leaders with rogue lips unwaveringly preach lies.

Mythical manifestos; their weapon of mockery,

With democracy used as their tongues' sugar-coat.


Government 'for' the people we were told it is,

But this only revolves in their circle of mutated autocrats.

Jealously clinging unto, like a sucker to his mother.


That power; the only thing that matter to them,

Never have the masses' survival ever been

Cause for long they've forged enmity with empathy.


Now, freedom after speaking is faded out,

As voices of broken warriors increases on the streets

Crippled by this our democracy we all sing and hail.



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