Saturday 26 August 2023


As I lay on my fluffy bed with my head tilted towards the ceiling, in trance, at dawn 

I felt my hair rising as a consolating presence so still as water, envelope me.

A consecrated entity with face like the appearance of lightning and eyes of flaming torches

Sitting on a throne with fiery flames, burning wheels, arms and legs gleam like burnished bronzes

Illuminating brightly in our darkest times

Impeccable in power, sagacity and goodness 

Jesus Christ, our redeemer and dear

Whose name conquers all demons, satan, foes 

His words reverberated in my greasy ear

Ye, the devil in rancor and fury

comes to steal, kill and destroy

Sets confusion among nations with penury

Bombs, riffles, bloody monstrous sucker

Flashing your highest desires when you are despondent

The dirty sees the weakness of man

Thirsty for beings with no contentment

Politicians, musicians, pastors

Hungry for power amongst clans

Writers, singers, educators and slanderers

Turning supercilious minds against their creator 

With riches and stardom in exchange for their souls

But fear not

For who can battle with the lord?

The victory is of God, the one whose voice is thunderous 

Protector and guardian to big and small

Light and lamp to feet and paths

Fear not,

Lights of the world 

But put your confidence in Elshaddai

The road may be rough and tough. In Him you must wait

Ye, the dark forces roaming and seeking who to devour, do not shake or desecrate

Speak my extraordinary adoration to the people that every knee will bow,

Every tongue will confess

That God is crown over all


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