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Saturday 13 April 2024

Lalata de Maga

Where are the God’s deputies

co-owners of the world

and life?


Where are the goons and loons

With holier-than-thou


Perhaps they are

down there in the

Down, down town

Near the up-and-down



Where are they?

The gods and superheroes

of the owl’s hamlet

Down there in Agaba


And the one-eyed king

in the land of the blind


Where are they that think

without them

the sun will not rise

and set


Maybe the air has shut

her mouth upon them

Or the windflood

has overflowed them –

Tell the accusers

of Idren

That saw the chief

star afar off –

The man is alive

hale and hearty

welling and kicking


where are the suns that

rose above the Horizona

Through mystical powers;

we know the story

just tell them

Tell them the rejected


Has by His grace

become the chief cornerstone


Let the owl that flies

around the world

The world that started

in Aade and ended in

Agaba land, know

God is God

not as the overlords


To the denialists

of Imaja, the motherland,

Good day, a mid-age day

for Victoria’s sake


Good night to my envious

folks on the Zuma Rock

Good evening to my blood

of blood

On the plateau, I wish

you well

The tree that was

cut down is beginning

to sprout

And my journey

has just begun.  




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