King Akpa

Biography: Mr. King Akpa is from the South South region of Nigeria, a husband of one wife and father of two beautiful daughters. He is a writer and a poet, who has written many poems. He is a great teacher and an executive in one of the corporate organizations in the country.

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King Akpa
Wednesday 15 May 2024


To the world is given a bundle

To be part of existence of humanity

And to be nurtured according to divinity

To grow and choose a part like all others


A bundle of joy is what we all hope for

It is in our hands to groom it

We have a duty in fulfilling it

For truly the bundle is of our own making


We pray it does not manifest to evil

We must act and show the way of good

For good has the tendencies of begetting good

Though evil lurk by in every corners


To whom a bundle is given

To whom a duty is expected

For truly a reward is expected

As such failure must not be allowed


We all must come together

Arise Mothers; Arise Sisters

Arise Fathers; Arise Brothers

Arise the Family; Arise the Community


For truly a child is a bundle of joy

A gift from the Almighty to humanity.












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