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Precious Orage
Friday 29 November 2019


Having you in my life has given me a sweet story to tell
You've not just taken over my senses, but you keep ringing in my head like an alarm bell
From the beginning of my life till I met you, things have never gone this well
But right now; your love has made me feel awesome, making me bid other girls farewell
Our love story have made people ask some silly questions like: did a wizard cast a spell?

When I met you for the first time, I saw an amazing beauty I never saw in the whole wide world
I starred at you uncontrollably like a dull student compelled to solve an equation on the board
Your beauty was overdose that I walked up to you, but I couldn't utter a word
Even when I tried to, all I could do was to blunder the words
You caused imperfection to my vision on other girls, now I see them blurred

Words can't really express and describe the quality of our love;
Maybe the 26letters of the alphabet aren't complete enough
All words can do is paint a colourless picture of my ladylove
If words could express our love, the poem I titled 'MY ADDICTION' would have done it all
Because it was a poem that had it all

Maybe 'INTOXICATED BY LOVE' would have done better
But I wasn't satisfied with the diction, which made me want to do better
I wrote again to you with 'THE REALITY OF MY SMILE'
And I was sure it caught your smile
Which made you speechless and couldn't utter a word for a while

I know reading this would make you put up a grin
I want you to know that it's intentional from me, because you've been with me through thick and thin
I just don't know how else to express this overwhelming love
But I want to promise you that I'll never stop loving you, till the day I leave this Earth for above
And nothing can break this promise, either from beneath the Earth, in it, or above


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Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

basit saba

basit saba
9/10/2019 3:03:27 AM

oh i nod
what a flood 
but i cant blame God

Madzivha Hector

Madzivha Hector
8/4/2019 7:57:18 AM

At this time of the year
Love is like an angry sea,
With waves coming from all the angles,
Making all relationship struggle,
Tearing relationships,
The same way waves tear ships.

Ebuka Nwachukwu

Ebuka Nwachukwu
5/20/2019 9:27:35 PM

The ocean is endlessness with a bottom that only God's feet can get to
The intensity of the waves can always tell us her mood

The waves of the ocean is an ancient dance
The people of the water understand its power

The waves of the ocean have seen the spirit of The Almighty
Only the voice of God can silence her tantrum

Alexander Adewole

Alexander Adewole
4/26/2019 5:00:08 AM

  A sailing tempest ship glides
     Through the tensed waves of the ocean
  And doubts my destination home.

By Adewole Alexander 

Bola Akin

Bola Akin
3/26/2019 2:29:25 AM

The stormy sea, the fear and the lost
Of dear ones amidst troubles
We shall sail to the coast.