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Benedict Omenogor
Friday 24 September 2021


It's better, 

And it's the wisest thing to do, 

So I was told 


It was advertised, before my eyes, 

And I was encouraged to check it out,

It's the bestselling product

In several societies,

Exploited and marketed by it's beneficiaries


You refuse to enrol

You're labelled brainless

You try to halt it

You're tagged, enemy of progress!


Yet this product 

Is more dangerous than the Tsar Bomba, 

And more disastrous than a holocaust

A product brewing untold hardship 

And the streaming of many tears


In every niche of society it enters

It cast the spell of insanity

And spills the venom of death 

Where is justice? Where is integrity? 

Where is democracy? Where is fidelity? 

Where is competency? Where is compliancy?

At best murdered or in psychopathy


This product is harming not helping

Yet I was told;

It's better, 

And it's the wisest thing to do


This product is corruption! 


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