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Chinwe Akpom
Monday 19 July 2021

Pass me not

At a time,

You seem most loved,

But at other times,

You question if you are dumb

Or if the heavens are deaf.

'Cause it seems like you have no voice

Or heavens has lost its ears.

You count only your sufferings

And forget your quaking blessings.

You allow that one suffering

Hold you down like a rock.

Remember that all things,

Worketh together for our good?

To being us to an expected end.


Chinwe Akpom
Monday 3 May 2021

More about love

Love is beautiful.

It outshines the sun glow.

It surpasses the beauty of the waterfall bathe in moonshine.

It is a painting that cannot be explained.

Love is courage.

It takes the bravest of hearts to love,

And the strongest of minds to wield it.

It is Daniel in the lions' den.

Love is one.

It unites different hearts,

Different cultures, different thoughts.

One goes from independent to wholly dependent.



Chinwe Akpom
Friday 9 April 2021

One Time Lovers

While drafting a poem, 

I heard a soft tune

Like the sound of leaves, 

Fluttering with the winds, 

Singing the song of two lovers

That once stood under it's shed,

While recalling the pain, 

Of the fingering on its bark. 

And all in vain, 

Because after the inscription of forever, 

The youngsters returned

But with a different song;

Of bitterness, of anger,

Of disappointment. 


Chinwe Akpom
Friday 12 March 2021



I turned my head with great delight and joy, 

My phone just beeped a joyful song; I smile. 

My moolah or 'ego' has just landed. 

"This life I can't kill myself", echoed loud.

I quickly decked my cap and wore my slides, 

Never to be caught unfresh; Then I stopped

I laugh as I remember Kabiru, 

And Musbau, And Bolu, even Emeka. 

Next thing, we are uploading our status, 

With captions like, 'chop life geng', 'ice on neck'

Everywhere was filled with 'E choke!', 'Kpk'

We were all happy except Sapa, I believe. 

Now Sapa don famz me; Why Sapa? Why? 

Ahhh God, it really restrict my air flow.




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