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Theophilus Danladi
Thursday 30 September 2021


The first time I visited the cosmos, of all the houses around, I saw this house of a young man more preferable to the others. He was in his 30s when I first visited, I settled in the house divided by the two rivers because of the abundant potentials he possessed. I thought I had made the right decision; but then, I think I did, right?

In my teenage years, when I needed him to understand my ordeal, he rather was busy with himself, though he gave me GSM, yet it never satisfied me. I thought I was the only child, I later discovered we are 36 with a half brother making 37. Ohhh! My ordeal has not finished. 

Now we are a legion and each of us need his attention, but he would not just lend his attention! We went to school but strikes will not allow us finish the school. We started doing comedies, they said we are lazy, we then started killing ourselves, they call us terrorists. So whose fault is it. Ours or His?

@61 the man borrows to feed us, still we are not fed: he borrows to make life better but still we aren't enjoying. Its not normal that @61 our father still borrows what he can't pay back; is he a boy or a man?

However our father is going the path of death, let's arise and help him out! Of course he can't grow alone. We need must help. The young boy @61 needs to rise!

Nigeria is my country

I love Nigeria

Nigeria must grow

We are the future now!!


Theophilus Danladi
Friday 6 August 2021


When Fathers Have Turned Housemates!

Mothers have Become Far Cousin Brothers!

He is too Busy to Know That he is; No care!

She is Too Close to Know Nothing About me!

When "Good Morning" Becomes Words From Hell!

Breakfast The Duty of Will not Love.

Bed Becomes The Unifier of Fire and Water

The Normal Becomes The Abnormal

It is The Kiss if The Devil!!

Time with us is Considered a Waste

Dinner with Us is ruled Inconsequential

Church With Us is Inconsiderable!

Fun with Us is "Moment of Sorrow"

It is the Kiss of the Devil!

Devotion For us is Quarrels

Quiet Time's Become Moment of Tears

Phone Has Then Become a Pleasure Spot

The Abnormal Has Become the Normal

It is The Kiss of The Devil

(To be continued)

Copyright ©DivineArrow


Theophilus Danladi
Saturday 31 July 2021


We've got an enemy that guns can't fight.

We've got an enemy that respects no money.

We've got an enemy that fears no military architecture or its intelligence

We've got an enemy that knows no social class.

We've got an enemy that changes our perception, our ideology, our socialization and our civilization.

This enemy exposes our nothingness.

But the enemy is not a Northerner, an Easterner or a Southerner; it is the Inner man!

He has robbed us of the love, tolerance and unity we once had centuries ago.

To fight this enemy is to fight ourselves not by buying machineries or sophisticated weapons, but by using Mechanism to Forster Love, Tolerance and Unity on ourselves; 

Illiteracy, religious bigotry, Tribalism, Corruption, Regionalism, Nepotism, Diversity and the likes are some of the ills we have to fight against.

The enemy settles within as long as we look without. Let's look within so we can send him to his place: trashcan!

The enemy is not You or Them, it is Me and Us!


©All Rights Reserved!!


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