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Ibrahim Zakama
Wednesday 1 March 2023


When I was a little kid, I used to be afraid of the dark
My grandma sends me to the room at night, I'll run and I'll quickly come back
I was scared something will catch me if I turn back
Or I'll wake up at night and stare at the dark corner of the room
Imagining someone or something stands there and look
Well that's fear sometimes, like a little kid's mind it'll make you believe it's way bigger
Whatever you scared of, know that you are the image and likeness of him who's way mightier
Depending on the version, it's 365 times this phrase is mentioned in the bible "Do not Fear"
And we have 365 days in a year
It's like God telling you "Do not Fear" everyday of your life for each year



Ibrahim Zakama
Wednesday 1 March 2023

The fake smile

I've been hiding my feelings for a while
It hurts that I'm hurt, but I try to force a smile
My happiness is where I can't reach, like the top of the shelf
My face has become stiff from faking that smile, now I know I'm hurting myself
This feeling is way deep inside
I don't like the crowd, so I keep myself on the side
But even with the crowd, I still feel lonely inside
Like Mac, Jack and Zach, so holy but the heart is black
If you don't take it seriously, I bet you'll get a heart attack
The bottom line is, my heart is broken to pieces
So I gather myself up, and come to you to help me fix me Jesus


Ibrahim Zakama
Wednesday 1 March 2023


I've always wanted to learn how how to play chess
Does it improve your IQ? My answer is a straight yes
But I don't know it, like a blind man with a remote and don't know which button to press
This board game has existed for centuries
I figured it helps in improving and building memories
I saw people play it and I wonder what it means
It's got another name called "The game of kings and queens"
The only game I want to learn, so count me in
How do you lose and how do you win?
Of course I'm never going for the lose
And like every game it has its own rules
You see it in offices of presidents, CEOs and business moguls
Two football greats Lionel Messi and Ronaldo have a picture of them playing it and they're at the top
Leo's the winner, since he already won the world cup

Chess players watch each other, even as they blink
They spend time studying how their opponents think
It's got the pawn, bishop, knight, rook, queen and the king
I know the winner is the one who captures the opponent's king
If I win please don't hate
It means I outsmart my opponent so Checkmate



Ibrahim Zakama
Wednesday 1 March 2023


The mind is an information-processing entity

Don't believe you can measure its quantity

It's mysteriously wonderful

And also still powerful

That's where all the great ideas are created

Like a poem in the heart before it's jotted

The temptation really happens in there

It's processing the information you always hear

Sometimes it doesn't tell you to do the right thing

The spirit wants another thing the body wants another thing

The soul gives what it usually hears and see

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he

It's been spoken

Temptation comes from your own desires and emotion

I'll bet you those telenovelas been watched are meant to make your emotions open

And temptation comes through the door that's been left open

So if you show interest and be attentive to a thought, you're giving it power 

Resisting the thought and not making exactly what you want to think about makes you the overcomer

Shut the door to temptation, it won't come in

But if it's already in and your body finds it satisfying

Your heart will always bring it up, and now you'll feel like you're in a hole

But if you're attentive to it, then you're giving it control

We just gotta shut the door to temptation

By not showing interest and giving your attention



Ibrahim Zakama
Wednesday 1 March 2023

If I disappeared, would anyone care?

If I disappeared, would anyone care?

Common, you know that ain't fair

To you or to anyone, that's very clear

Asking questions like your end is near

The eyes filled with tears

People tell you what you're not meant to hear

But still satisfies the itching ear

Which fills you with fear

Looking for solutions in bottles of beer

You thought, the troubles will disappear

You've lost courage to dare

Your life's going in normal pace, you've changed the gear

You're nervous

No, you're grievous

Things are getting serious

Depression hit harder than the previous

You are meant to be a genius

But you've heard things that blocked your eyes

Now you're blind to see those lies

But check this out, it's true

God don't see with human eyes, he sees what's deep in you

Some people do care, they just don't show it

Don't end you, please don't do it

If you do, you'll find yourself in another place where you will see things, you can't explain it

Questions thrown at you, you can't answer it

Question like, Why did you take what you did not give?

There was still a lot for you to achieve

Plans in your tomorrow, but you chose not to live

Not everyone opens up you see, you meet happy people today, tomorrow they're gone

They drank that stuff, they pulled the trigger of the gun

Loved ones now left to mourn

He was okay, he's always trying to make fun

The most happiest person, I could have sworn

You don't see it, but the heart was full of hate

By the time you noticed it, it's already too late

They've lost the faith

They didn't know someone cared

Didn't tell because they were scared

Please open up and share

I tell you there's someone out there willing to hear




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